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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.

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  1. Description This mod allows you to craft a splitting wedge (<- inspirational image for the icon of how I know this tool) to split wooden logs and craft single planks using the wedge and a hammer. This is no longer possible using an axe and log since TFC build 77. The default is 1 plank per log, but you can change that in the configuration file to anything from 1 to 64 if you wish (e.g. set it back to 3 per log as per pre-77). As to why I created this, you can read in the foot notes at the end of the post if you're interested. Download Download 0.1.3.b77u15 from Mediafire or DropBox. Changelog: 0.1.3.b77u15 * Adapted to the Localisation features being moved from the TFC API into the main project. Thus, older versions will not work with TFC post-77u14, and vice versa. * Updated the file. 0.1.3.b77u12 * Fixed the german localisation not registering. * The config file now offers an option to either load the 16 or 32 pixels texture for the items. Both were initially available. * I think you can safely ignore the (default) ID 19396 mismatch due to the texture change. * Added a file. 0.1.2.b77u11 * Fixed a bug where the item IDs in the configs were not actually used. Oops. * Fixed the item name localisation, it should now properly display english (ENU) and german names. * Wedge and hammers will take no damage when crafting in creative mode anymore. * Refactored some code in the crafting handler. * Normalised the planks amount value read from the config to range from 1 to 64. 0.1.1.b77u7 + Added config file /config/SplittingWedge.cfg + Added item ID config entries for both the head and wedge. + Made the number of planks per log configurable (default: 1). 0.1.0.b77u4 Initial release. Old versions: Download 0.1.3.b77u12 from Mediafire or DropBox. Download 0.1.2.b77u11 from Mediafire or DropBox. Download 0.1.1.b77u7 from Mediafire or DropBox. Download 0.1.0.b77u4 from Dropbox or Mediafire Installation Put the ZIP file into the .mods directory, alongside with the Terra Firma ZIP file. How to use You need stoneknapping to create a stone splitting wedge head like this: Mirror, in case Imgur is down or "over capacity" Currently there is only a stone splitting wedge, there is no metal version of it. Personally, I don't require it, but if you feel you really would want metal versions of this, I'm confident I could add those. Then combine it like most other tools with a stick below the head: Mirror, in case Imgur is down or "over capacity" It doesn't really make sense, does it? :S To craft planks from 1 log, you need to put the wedge, a hammer of any material, and logs as shapeless recipe into a crafting grid: Mirror, in case Imgur is down or "over capacity" Both, the hammer and wedge will take normal damage. The wedge has the exact same durability as a stone hammer, which is that of one made of igneous intrusive stone, regardless what type of stone it's actually made out of. Credits Frustration and disappointment about the b77 removal of plank crafting with axes: me Programming: me Artwork: my girlfriend (my try at drawing a wedge, her comment: "what's wrong with yours?", she's too kind.. c'mon, I mean just zoom in on it) Kittychanley, for listening to my confusion with some code stuffs and wanting to help, and actually did Foot notes Hello, how nice of you that you opened this spoiler tag. Let me tell you something about myself and why I created the splitting wedge mod, my very first mod for Minecraft, without having a whole lot of experience or sympathy with Java, or Minecraft modding. The latter is mostly because Mojang failed to deliver the modding API, that Notch wanted to have in beta 1.8. And without the countless man hours put into the MCP project, among few others, there wouldn't be anywhere near as many mods as we have now. And I highly admire everyone who continuously puts up with the barrier of Minecraft's obfuscated source code, to deliver outstanding content like Terra Firma and many other mods. I don't usually want things in games the easy way these days, I tend to wanting to play on the hardest difficulty, but the build77 made me feel frustrated instead of challenged. I think this is a very thin line but as thin as it is, it's also very important not to cross. If I spawn 12k or 13k blocks in some direction, with only smaller islands around. Not enough to gather enough small ore pieces from the rocks to make a saw, I'm stuck with swimming through an ocean for maybe hours. And you just can't craft a LOT of things without a 3x3 crafting grid either (workbench requiring planks). That's not the kind of difficulty I want a game to impose on me. And I don't feel it's fun to play. It's game breaking for me. I'm a programmer, I've been meddling in computer instructions since I was... well, actually I don't remember when my godfather gave me that Commodore 64 with a thick manual for my birthday long ago. I've used my skills and knowledge before, to "tweak" small things that I strongly disliked, and I mean strongly. I don't just spend hours on changing something if it's just a minor thing. You know... setting everything up for the first time, getting familiar with stuff, before getting actual work done I read through the java assembler code of classes, tweaked the sapling drop rate from leaves with and without a scythe, fruit trees, the drop rate of seeds from tall grass, and changed the ore drop rate of gravel in a sluice, even creating new recipes from scratch. Sometimes just fabricating new byte code instructions into a class file with a hex editor. This might sound like jibberish, cheating, or malevolent hacking to you, but I felt that it also held great educational value, and it's a lot of fun. And this experience alone made me never regret the time I spent on delving into modifying the very byte code for the JVM. Even though the data looks all like random bytes in a hex editor, you'd be surprised how very unique a short sequence of only 3 bytes can be, that you can use as a pattern and replace, and how much sense all these byte values actually make if you understand them. As Mr. Spock would say, "Fascinating! Ô_o". I never really meddled with assembler before Minecraft, but yet I felt it was the easiest way to change little things with the **least amount of effort. Of course there's limits, especially to Java's class file format. Some things make the work required explode. Otherwise, anything I would like to change for myself, so I can enjoy playing the game again, I can have patched in a matter of split seconds with a program later. ** has yet to be proven. So, to sum it up, I just can't seem to live with some of the changes that have been introduced in b77. I won't go berserk and change everything that bugs me in the slightest, just the things that I feel are really game breaking for me. Aaaaannnd that's why I made this mod, and I hope that the devs aren't too much offended by it. Have fun to be able to play a game the way you like it more, without giving yourself actual free stuff.
  2. In this series I only allow myself to eat food from crops, not animals, in an attempt to focus a bit more on the farming aspect of TFC:
  3. Build 77 Starting Shelters

    I love this new build! I'm wondering what kinds of shelters you're building on your first night with build 77. Do you have any favorite designs that you've come up with? If you have any that you'd like to share, please put them in a "spoiler" so as not to ruin the new surprises for other members. Here's my favorite so far: My first TFC night was rough. I had the cutest little child zombie attacking me. It was cute until mommy and daddy showed up... and the entire extended family! There was a massive hoard of zombies. My shelter held firm until a spider slipped through my 1x1 window and I found myself hopelessly outmatched. A mad dash out my shelter and past the hoard wasn't enough. Apparently javelin skeletons have this neat trick where they light you on fire... Lesson learned. Mobs are to be avoided at all costs whilst in the stone age. I prefer cheap starting shelters that use the footprint of a charcoal pit. The idea being that once I craft a saw, I can build a real shelter and torch my starting shelter for some charcoal. The new spiders present a challenge because I don't want to be holed up in a shelter all night without any windows and just wondering whether it's safe to come out or not. I want to see outside. To build this shelter you need 1 dirt block, 16 thatch blocks, and 2 stacks of logs. If you can't manage to collect a second stack of logs in time you can make do if you have at least 4 logs of a different type. Place the first 8 logs around the dirt block. To place one log on top of another, you'll first need to either fill the bottom log pile block with 16 logs or place a different type of log in each of the 4 slots. Once you've placed the second block, remove the excess logs at the bottom and repeat with the next block until you've completed the second layer. Finally you can finish your tower/shelter with an offset thatch "lip" around the perimeter to keep those pesky 1x1 spiders at bay. I feel safe in my tower. I usually spend my nights in the center block cooking meat, making torches, knapping tools, or getting pottery ready for my pit kiln in the morning. Once the distant monsters have burned, I walk off the tower's ledge and draw any mobs under the lip out into the sun where they can burn. When the sunsets, I go up the tower through the front two blocks that I then replace (Tip: A single thatch block is faster). I fill the log piles with wood as I progress. I store water and food in one corner, ores in another corner, etc. This simple tower is serving me well so far but I'm really looking forward to my first saw.
  4. I need a seed to use for an upcoming open TFC b77 server. I'm looking for a seed with spawn located on an island in an ocean biome. Ideally, everywhere 500m from spawn should be ocean, save for islands. I want to discourage people from building bases near spawn, and I'll be using a mod to supply players with boats and other starting materials that tend to be in short supply on open servers. Therefore, nearby resources are not necessary.
  5. My laptop runs 1.6.2 smoothly but now that I've installed b77 it grinds to a halt. I nuked everything, did a fresh install. I've closed all other non-essential processes to free up memory but the game is sooo slow. Every once and a while java stops responding. I throttled absolutely everything down in the options (e.g. render distance=tiny, smooth lighting=off, graphics=fast, etc.) but the game remains unplayable. Here are my modest laptop specs: Processor Intel® Pentium® CPU P6200 @ 2.13GHz Memory (RAM) 4.00 GBGraphics Intel® HD GraphicsGaming graphics 1754 MB Total available graphics memoryPrimary hard disk 601GB Free (684GB Total)I figured that since I could run minecraft 1.6.2, I would be able to run b77. Does b77 have higher system requirements? Is there anything I can do short of buying a new system? Can I somehow downgrade the graphics even more? I've been tinkering all evening because I was really looking forward to this new build.
  6. Ok, so this thread is somewhat of an in-betweener thread. I want to discuss the future a bit, but mainly I'd really just like to hear about what exactly is coming with b77. So let us go that route. So there are a lot of changes coming. Most of us are very excited, myself included, and I know that it has been said that it would mostly come out all at once, rather than small changes along the way... With that, what exactly can we expect in b77? Here's a short-short-version of what we've heard that is coming, but not specifically if its in b77 or 78+ etc... SKILLS Skills will be minor changes to things that you are doing, like slightly better propicking, or more accurate anvil working, etc. Skills will be the new 'death penalty' in a way, because the idea is you build up these skills, and if you die, they reset to zero. MY PERSONAL OPINION: Excellent. I love this idea, I think it is a more suitable death penalty, and a nice reward for those who are smart in their play and avoid death like it is as bad as it should be. However, with this new penalty, the old one needs to change. More on this later! COMBAT OVERHAUL Combat is getting changed to be more dynamic. Possibly different weapon types, different armor types, different damage types, perhaps status effects with a different type of attack (example, a slash attack could have a chance to inflict a 'bleed' lets say, dealing bonus damage over time; a crushing attack could have a chance to inflict a debilitation effect, slowing movement or weakening damage for a period of time; etc). The final decisions on this overhaul have not been specifically released, as they seem to still be largely in discussion on the forums here. MY PERSONAL OPINION: Again, I think this is good. I would not like to see it get too complicated, but something like having 3-4 different damage types (ie, crushing, slashing, piercing, etc) and certain armors that deal better with different types but have their own weaknesses would be a smart, easily balanced approach. BONUS THOUGHT! Here's my thought that I left hanging a moment ago about the existing death penalty! The existing death penalty is losing your levels. "What, that is minecraft's normal death penalty, what are you talking about!?!" is what you might be thinking as you read this. And you are correct. But in TFC, your levels give bonus health, food, and thirst to your maximums. I think this is a decent idea, but with the combat overhaul and the skills overhaul combined, it is no longer necessary. In fact, with future mod compatibility in mind... I think that TFC should revert health and hunger levels to vanilla levels. The change is purely arbitrary, and it served it purpose with the level-up health boosts, but with combat/skills, it is no longer necessary. Please don't flame over this, think about it for awhile and see if you can understand what I mean, and if not, politely disagree. POTTERY OVERHAUL This change is adding a new tier to the beginning of the game, which is involving clay materials for pottery and fired clay for building homes and such. The new pots/jars will hold objects much like a chest, but with less capacity. MY PERSONAL OPINION: This adds some very interesting new gameplay to Terrafirmacraft. Advanced woodworking is something that minecraft begins with, and terrafirmacraft has always in a way followed that start, but pottery is a realistic (please don't kill me for saying realistic, geeez.) beginning that does indeed come before advanced woodworking. This change is very, very interesting, and I am excited for it, mostly for the flavor it will add to the world. METAL OVERHAUL The metal overhaul is based around moving copper to t0, and moving tin/zinc/bismuth to t-nothing, and have them be useful for alloying only, and making them rarer in the process. There are also changes incoming to alloying (good-bye, metallurgy table, and good riddance!) and changes to smelting (bloomery for iron only) among other things. MY PERSONAL OPINION: There's a very good basis for this, which I find to be interesting. This is the part of the update(s) that will likely require a new world. Ore generation will definitely change, and some of our multiblock structures will also be changing... The biggest thing here for me is changing the ore generation heights. The fact that you find all ores at the same predictable heights is pretty lame, and any experienced TFC prospector will easily find ore whenever they want, because they know where it will be. Give ore generation in the world a plus/minus of like 20-30 y height to make things interesting, please!! CONCLUSION There are a ton of things coming to TFC! In addition to all of this, Bioxx has stated that he would like to move TFC in a direction that is more compatible with other mods. I applaud this, very loudly. I love TFC, it is outstanding, but there are other outstanding mods too, and I'd love to see them have an easier time getting along! Leave some feedback, do some discussion, and hopefully Bioxx/Dunk will pop in and tell us which of these things to expect first and maybe even a guestimated timeframe too! Wishful thinking, and its not important. It'll be done when its done, and I am content with that. Lastly, a big THANK YOU! to Bioxx/Dunk for their continued work on this mod, it's a great one, and I hope it continues to be great as it grows!