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Drawing the bow glitch

Support Today, 12:32 AM
Version #: 78.8   Suggested name: Bow Drawing   Suggested Category: Severe   Description: When firing the bow, releasing at any point whatsoever will confer the same force as firing at full draw. This can result in very high rates of fire if rapidly left clicking. Works drawing arr...
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How to un-stitch old texture files?

Resource Packs Yesterday, 11:11 PM
Hi all. I'm looking to update some old resource packs (mainly If someone could provide me with a template for unstiching, or at least the vanilla versions of those files, I would be most grateful.     P.S. I may or may not release the results here, as yubyub has been inactive since May...
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TFC Launcher

Suggestions Yesterday, 07:26 PM
Is There a launcher for Tfc I know there was one before but now its gone so if the developers are reading this please bring back the launcher because I can not mod my Minecraft it just crashes and how much tutorials i watch It doesn't  work (probably outdated) But i would love a launcher and...
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[0.78.7]Calendar mismatch between server and client

Support Yesterday, 06:46 PM
Version #: 0.78.7Suggested Name: Calendar MismatchSuggested Category: AnnoyingDescription: If the year length is changed on the server, the server calculates calendar effects correctly, but the client side calendar displays incorrect information. It looks like the client side calendar is displayi...
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How to do new Panning?

Support Yesterday, 04:34 PM
I read the changelog post and while it explains how it works it doesn't seem to be doing anything for me. After making a gold pan and using it on gravel it just filled the gold pan and can't do anything. Any tips?
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Version 0.78.7 Available

Apr 17 2014 12:16 PM | Kittychanley in Articles

Version 0.78.7
New Features
  • Added a Global Decay multiplier. This multiplies against the entire decay algorithm. Setting this multiplier to 0 will effectively turn off decay.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed food decay indicator(the damage bar) not using the correct numbers.
  • Cleaned up crop seed return code and moved the agri skill check for an extra seed to only happen if the crop is mature.
  • Lily pad item texture fixed.
  • Can no longer pour molten metal into tool molds for incorrect metals.
  • Fixed kapok door recipe.
  • Added missing boat recipe for acacia planks.
  • Fixed making acacia supports consuming saw.
  • Ropes now display size / weight
  • Fixed spawning in oceans.
  • Red steel buckets now properly hold fresh water as well.
  • Wolves can be fed food to restore their hunger.
  • Armor renders properly while sneaking
  • Armor stand no longer renders outside the item space.
  • Chickens and pheasants cant be bred with pumpkin seeds
  • Shift right clicking vinegar onto a barrel of milk correctly creates curdled milk
  • Fixed meals not disappearing when you eat them with negative decay
  • Fixed meals not deleting when they over-decay
  • Fixed needing to shiftclick with Flint and steel to light the kiln
  • There are now female bears.
  • Double chests should no longer disappear when viewing at certain angles.
  • Fertilizer can be used on crops on tilled ground.
  • Using fertilizer properly consumes the item.
  • Crops who die from any method other than the old age config option will give a seed back. This way if you accidentally plant a crop when it's too cold for it to survive, you get that seed back.
  • Fixed unfertilized eggs having no weight.
  • Fixed pheasants suddenly becoming chickens and using chicken AI
  • Placing metal sheets now properly consumes them.
  • Rain is no longer factored into the environmental decay equation. This should result in a longer shelf life for most food. Rain was having a far far bigger effect on decay than I'd intended.
  • Updated localizations.
  • Meals should now also show decay.
  • Temporarily disabled the armor stand recipe. Can still be obtained through creative and old armor stands will still stay in your world. The code for these need to be optimized better than they were and a number of crashes were linked to them, so I've opted to disabled crafting them until we've redone this. No ETA. -B
  • Grass color reverted.
  • Caveins are now more common be default. This only takes effect with a config deletion as the default value has changed.
  • Forge can be created with charcoal block, or vanilla coal block.

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Version 0.78.6 Available

Apr 15 2014 09:42 AM | Kittychanley in Articles

Version 0.78.6
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed pre-78 dough from clicking & dragging it out of the crafting slot.
  • Fixed bears, cows and horses dropping item.hide instead of a large hide. The buggy item.hides can be used to create a straw & hide bed, and breaking the bed should give back the correct large hide.
  • Pheasants should really no longer lay eggs now.
  • Food Exhaustion now properly resets after hunger is applied to the player each hour.
  • Fixed meals sometimes giving the wooden bowls back.
  • Hopefully fixed anvils consuming output items and creating ghost items (bug may still occur on pre-existing worlds, needs further testing).
  • Fixed vessels showing items in the tooltip with a 0 stacksize
  • Fixed vessels crashing when a meal inside decayed out of existence.
  • Loose rocks/ore and sticks no longer go flying.
  • Cleaned up some console spam regarding knapping-like interfaces and using clay.
  • Fixed players spawning in trees.
  • Fixed bowl stack size disappearing from the food prep GUI in SMP.
  • Nutrition levels now degenerate 50% slower.
  • Removed mushrooms/melons/pumpkins as valid food sources. We'll fix these foods later.
  • Made caves/ravines slightly less common. Moved surface ravines up slightly so they are less likely to spawn with a thin grass layer on top.
  • Tightened spawn parameters for Douglas Fir and Sequoia trees, making them a bit less common.
  • Bloom items now appear in creative correctly.

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Version 0.78.5 Available

Apr 14 2014 07:43 AM | Kittychanley in Articles

Version 0.78.5
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed meal creation not working in SMP.
  • Fixed pre-78 dough from using decayed flour.
  • Tweaked gold panning numbers.
  • Added Canadian translation of gold pan overworked message.
Version 0.78.4
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several issues with fresh and salt water freezing and unfreezing into the incorrect types.
  • Fixed issues with the forge and anvil shift click handlers that was causing item ghosting and general desync issues.
  • Fixed unknown dirt due to not taking into account dry grass on worldgen when getting the subsurface block.
  • Fixed Plum trees giving Apple saplings.
  • Fixed cheese production giving pre-78 cheese
  • Fixed Quern not giving stacked items
  • Fixed grinding flour in the quern giving pre-78 flour.
  • Fixed several NullPointerExceptions with vessels containing food.
  • Making meals should now properly consume wooden bowls. Also fixed some validation logic for creating meals.
  • Fixed players respawning with incorrect food amounts.
  • Fixed NPE in WorldGenGrowCrops due to the crop block not spawning.
  • Fixed meal index out of bounds tooltip crash.
  • Fixed Container crash when the players inventory updates due to food ticking inside of a small vessel. This is the bug that a lot of you were reporting where you'd crash with the skills tab open etc.
  • Hammers now properly deal crushing damage. As a tool and not a weapon, this will lose durability faster than a mace which is considered a weapon. However, it is now a valid choice against early skeletons.
  • Fixed divide by zero in WorldGenGrowCrops
  • Fixed Maize Ears not being edible in whole form.
  • Changed quiver leatherworking recipe.
  • Added missing saddle recipe for leatherworking.
  • Added missing firebrick recipe to the kiln recipe list. It's now properly possible to fire clay firebricks
  • Increased graphite/kaolinite powder yields from quern grinding.
  • Sluice creation is now disabled until it can be rewritten.
  • Most alcohol is now disabled pending a barrel rewrite. This is necessary as the barrel did not take into account the new food system.
New Features
  • Panning for ores has received a major overhaul. When the player scoops gravel or sand into their pan, the chunk they are standing in now receives a counter. After enough soil has been grabbed for panning from this chunk, panning will no longer be possible from that chunk. Additionally, pannign no longer scans the world and is instead far more simple. This means that no matter where you pan, you will only be able to find nuggets of the native ores (Native Copper, Native Silver, Native Gold, Native Platinum). When sluicing is rebuilt it will use the same counter, however it will allow for far more soil to be sifted from each chunk.
  • The following change will only appear in newly generated chunks. Rocks in existing chunks will no longer exist. Loose rocks on the ground no longer spawn as little cubes and instead display an entity laying flat on the ground showing what item they are. This means that looking for surface ores is now far more simple as you can recognize them on sight instead of needing to run around punching rocks.
  • Similar to the loose rocks change, sticks can now be found strewn about the world under trees, along riverbanks, and on beaches. This should give players who spawn in parts of the world with little tree cover a leg up to begin their journey.
  • Server admins now have much more control over the properties of food decay via the config.
  • Food now has a new Food Decay Protection (FDP) system in place to help stem the effects of decay upon server players. There is a new variable in play that determines a length of time at which food decay is severely reduced. The default setting is 18 MC days. This means that if a piece of food has sat in an unloaded chunk for >= 18 MC Days, FDP will kick in and no time past this point will affect the food. additionally, when the chunk is loaded for the first time and the food is ticked, the food will only receive 24 hours worth of decay instead of the full amount that it would normally receive. If your food is being stored properly and logged off with very little decay, chances are good that you will return with your food still sitting in your ceramic vessels. Additionally, for any length of time between 1 hour and 18 MC days there is a scaling multiplier on decay where food decay gets decreased each time it ticks. **Note that FDP CAN be disabled in the configs.

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Build 78 Changelogs

Apr 12 2014 07:54 AM | Kittychanley in Frontpage

Version 0.78.3
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed multiple issues with shift-clicking food out of the crafting result slot in the inventory.
  • The Calendar page now properly dims the background.
  • Fixed single floating leaves from chopping down Douglas Firs.
  • Zombies now drop carrots and potatoes with proper weight. Weight is similar to harvesting the crop, decay is 50%.
  • Food weight should now always round on display.
  • Logs should now only notify neighboring leaves of their change when they break. Hopefully this fixes leaves not disappearing while also not allowing the callableLvl1 crash to recur
  • Pheasant should no longer randomly pop eggs
  • A plop sound should now play when chickens lay eggs in the nestbox.
  • Removing food from the crafting result slot on the players inventory with the number keys is now disabled. Mojang does not provide enough ways to manipulate what happens to objects that get shift clicked. Only food is affected by this.
  • Shift Clicking food from the players inventory into the crafting slots is now possible. Only food is affected by this.
Version 0.78.2
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Severe memory leak due to water plant rendering. Thanks to Enqueuing and the others in IRC for helping me narrow this down.
Version 0.78.1
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Small Vessel Crash when processing Item heat
  • Fixed bread so that it now cooks using the new food system properly
Version 0.78.0
Built on Forge v9.11.1.965
  • Only basic information will be provided here. You'll have to wait for wiki entries and proper guides to be written up if you can't figure things out.
  • Requires that you generate new worlds. Many block ids have changed among other things that will possibly make established worlds crash.
New Features
  • Added Horses. Will drop raw horse meat, hide and bones up on death. (Meat texture is currently the same as venison) Horses must first be leashed with a rope before the player can ride them. Currently no recipe for saddles.
  • Food overhauled to implement a nutrition and decay system. See the Food page on the wiki for more info.
  • Player inventory now consists of four tabs: Inventory, Skills, Calendar and Health (currently only displays nutrition). All other container's GUIs are modular, so their texture file no longer contains the player's inventory section. Removed keybinding used to open old calendar interface.
  • Added config file TFCOres.cfg for altering ore generation as well as adding other mod's ores to TFC world gen. See the Configuration page of the wiki for more info.
  • Added fresh and salt water. Players can only drink from and fill their jugs with fresh water. Water plants are helpful in distinguishing water type. Cattails spawn in fresh water, seaweed in salt water.
  • Added Jute which can be soaked in a barrel to produce rope which behaves like vanilla leads.
  • Added nest boxes for chickens to lay eggs in. Female hens will migrate towards them to sit in, and the eggs will become fertilized if a male rooster is nearby. Fertilized eggs will eventually hatch into chicks. Removing fertilized eggs from a nest box will un-fertilize them.
  • Added pheasants as an alternative mob for gathering feathers. Are hunted in the wild by wolves.
  • Added Achievements.
  • Added Poor and Rich ore to ore block drops. Poor ore will produce 15 metal units, while rich will produce 35. Veins should be roughly 20% rich, 30% poor, and 50% normal.
  • Added seismically active areas which can spawn fissures and hot springs. Stability: 1 on the F3 debug screen means the area is active.
  • Single metal sheets can now be placed on any side of a block.
  • Added Fire Bricks. Craft 4 fire clay in a 2x2 grid to get 2 clay brick, which need to be fired in a pit kiln. Craft the fired brick items with mortar like all other bricks to create Fire Brick Blocks.
  • Added Acacia Trees.
  • Added Armor Stands.
  • Added wood-specific fences and fence gates.
  • Added berry bushes to world generation. Bushes cannot be multiplied, so what is found through exploration is what you get. Some bushes are thorny and will damage players and mobs.
  • Added Straw & Hide Bed made from 2 thatch blocks and a large raw hide in the world. Sets the players spawn without skipping the night.
  • Added fertilizer made from grinding sylvite in a quern. Replenishes all three nutrient types on farmland.
  • Added the quiver which is made via leather working. Holds and auto-refills arrows and javelins. Place it on the back slot which is located on the player model in the inventory to wear it.
  • Added Skills System for different smithing, cooking and agriculture.
  • Added more debug mode commands: "/debugmode" for preventing starvation, "/vgsp" for visual testing of spawn protection (turns blocks to wool, use with caution), "/remove area x y z" to remove all blocks centered on the player with the given dimensions, "/removechunk" for completely removing blocks from a chunk, and "/stripchunk" which removes everything but the ore.
  • Skeletons attack half as fast.
  • Mobs taking damage is now affected by the different damage types. For example, piercing damage is completely useless against Skeletons.
  • Disabled quern animation to help stop lag.
  • Nerfed stone knife damage. Use javelins instead!
  • Making a crafting table will consume the item and expand the player's inventory grid from 2x2 to 3x3. This upgrade is lost and must be re-done on player death.
  • Removed Mudstone and Siltstone.
  • Sedimentary stone only spawns on the top layer. Metamorphic only spawns in the top two layers. Both Igneous stone types spawn in all three layers.
  • Ore and mineral generation now moves with the terrain (no more only y-60 veins). Ores and minerals can now spawn in all layers of stone, meaning possible surface nuggets of every metal. Stone types for certain ores have been changed. See the Ores & Minerals page of the wiki for more info.
  • Pit kiln is now only one block deep. Uses 8 straw and 8 logs.
  • Deer drop venison, and no longer immediately flee from players. Attacking one deer however, will spook all of them nearby.
  • Squid only spawn in oceans.
  • Removed the Scribing Table and Plans.
  • Reworked Anvil GUI to add a plan selection button as well as a skills display screen. Removed +/- 5 tolerance for completing a tool, must now land exactly on the single arrow.
  • Roosters crow at dawn.
  • Ingot cooling in a barrel uses less water. Ingots now cool at the same rate regardless of what inventory they are in.
  • Lava oceans near bedrock only spawn in seismically active areas. Should help reduce lag.
  • Blast Furnace now requires Fire Brick Blocks as its chimney as well as for the outer sides to have wrought iron or better metal sheets on them. The blast furnace now needs to be lit with a fire starter or flint & steel instead of working automatically. A picture of a minimum size Blast Furnace.
  • Graphite now gives 2 powder in a quern instead of 1.
  • Lowered anvil striking volume.
  • Sand, Dirt and Farmland texture files now use the stone name. Dirt and Sand will show their stone type in game on the tool-tip.
  • Grass looks grassier. Mountains will only have a single layer of dirt/grass on them. Added short grass that only spawns in dry grass areas.
  • Reorganized creative menu tabs. Added cobblestone to the blocks tab.
  • Bloomery block is now a hatch for easy charcoal placing and bloom breaking. Ore and extra charcoal still need to be thrown in on top via the chimney. When breaking a bloom block, the bloom item will move towards the bloomery hatch for easy retrieval.
  • Wild crops should now respawn every year between April and September. Wild crop world generation altered so that different crop types will be harder to find. Seeds can now only be obtained through harvesting crops.
  • Added High Plains terrain biome.
  • Light level now affects temperature. A fully dark area will be 25% cooler than ambient temperature.
  • Reworked Food Prep GUI. Now requires 2-3 different food groups, with both 4oz slots requiring the same group. Removed potion effects from meals.
  • Hides now come in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large, depending on the size, age, and type of animal. Straw & Hide beds can only be made with large hides.
  • Players now start the game June 1st instead of March 1st.
  • Playing in peaceful can now result in death from starvation.
  • Removed the four right byproduct slots in the fire pit. Fire pit can no longer be used to smelt ore.
  • Updated Charcoal item texture to match vanilla. Removed unused textures of removed items.
  • Torches can be placed on top of stone walls.
  • Tool molds can be filled directly from liquid ceramic vessels.
  • Southern half of the world (+Z coords) now have reversed seasons (i.e. Winter in June, Summer in December).
  • Lit charcoal pits emit smoke particles again.
  • Plank blocks can be crafted back into plank items. 3 single planks by hand, or 4 if you use a saw. Removed wooden button recipe due to conflict.
  • Pumpkins no longer have the face texture on them until they are turned into jack-o-lanterns.
  • Widened the range that animals can spawn at.
  • Caves generate all the way up to the surface. Be careful as this may also cause sink holes. Caves are more more common in sedimentary rocks.
  • The closer a collapse is to support beams, the more likely that those beams will now break. Players should now make sure that they are always mining in a supported area by extending their supports as they go.
  • Torches are now replaced by any blocks falling on them. Stops torch mining for gathering dirt, cobblestone, etc.
  • Ore can now collapse like the surrounding rock, so care should be taken when mining out ore veins. The ore WILL be lost if a cave in occurs.
  • Cobble can now collapse in any direction like dirt.
  • Bedrock now moves up and down with the terrain at 1/3 the rate of change.
Bug Fixes
  • Hopefully fixed all Sequoia-related crashes. Trunk now goes roughly all the way up through the leaves.
  • Rewrote stalactite/stalagmite code to help reduce lag.
  • Axes show damage type.
  • Fixed shift clicking of flux into an anvil to do the whole stack instead of just one.
  • Blast Furnace will only accept as much ore and charcoal as its height can process.
  • Leaves will only appear dead when the temperature is < 10 or rainfall is < 100 and the tree isn't evergreen. No more dying rainforests in the winter.
  • Crops should no longer use nutrients when dormant, and should use less nutrients when growth is slowed from the cold.
  • Fixed duplicate items in the creative menu.
  • Fixed Red Steel Bucket dupe bug.
  • Fixed items not properly ticking in vessels. No more pottery man's lunchbox.
  • Fixed game not properly releasing the binding of the L and M keys. Should make life easier on people who are left-handed.
  • Ice should freeze and melt properly without duplicating source blocks.
  • Players who aren't in debug mode cannot travel back in time using /time set day and night.
  • Fixed finished spindle unable to be placed on a tool rack.
  • Fixed combining of two unshaped metals in a fire pit returning a clay mold instead of a ceramic one.
  • Fixed stone anvil breaking particles displaying as lava.
  • Fixed partially filled ceramic molds being rejected from placing inside a vessel.
  • Fixed "Liquid" tool-tip remaining on vessels after all the motlen metal had been removed.
  • Fixed Vessel dupe bug.
  • Fixed forges not being destroyed when you remove the block underneath it.
  • Fixed Horizontal supports not breaking when they weren't connected to a vertical one.
  • Fixed X-Ray ore bug.

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Build 78 Launches

Apr 10 2014 11:16 PM | Bioxx in Articles

As the title of this post suggests, Build 78 is now live. This has been the culmination of of many months of hard work and and many months of playing other games when TFC was boring us. But it's finally here!

Dunk and Kitty will be bringing out a video showing the new mechanics very soon and this post should be updated when that becomes available. Additionally, when we've compiled a changelog, you'll be able to find that here as well as on the changelog page.

Of the new features, I'll point out the most game changing, food decay has finally found its way into minecraft. As usual, this is an iterative process and more work will need to be done to make this system the best that it can be. However, farming and having a stable food supply has never been this important. Try it out for yourself by heading over to the downloads page.

Edit: We'll have the new information on the wiki very soon. Most of it is already completed, Kitty just needs to publish it all.

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Update Frequency

Feb 14 2014 09:13 AM | Bioxx in Articles

Ok so I know that we have really been taking a long time with Build 78. Part of that is just my laziness and the fact that Dunk has to deal with school. However we've also been taking a while because we don't want people to have to restart their worlds constantly due to game breaking changes. However, for me at least, this has been a slippery slope since I'm constantly finding ways to break saves :huh: . So my question is, how often would you guys prefer to see Major Builds roll out? Now obviously these times are just rough estimates and can vary depending on the amount of testing that is required and the nature of the changes. Head over HERE to vote in the poll.

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Looking to the future

Dec 17 2013 10:27 AM | Bioxx in Articles

So it's been a good long while since I've released a meaningful blog post and I'm kind of bored so I thought it would be a good time to write some nonsense in order to pass the time.

I'm sure that a lot of longtime fans have noticed how slowly that we've been releasing major updates this year and that is entirely my fault. The amount of time that I find myself in a coding zone has been drastically decreasing since the early days of tfc development. Some of that is just me, but some is due to how monumental it has become to add new features since more often than not implementing one thing has an effect on other systems, and it takes a lot of care to not create tons of trouble. That said, I do want to apologize to all the fans that hope for more frequent content updates.

Now onto what is coming..

Build 78 wont be here until the new year most likely. We haven't really narrowed down what HAS to be in 78, but it doesn't 'feel' close to done yet in my opinion (This is totally how I choose release dates, and it pisses dunk off :P). As far as confirmed contents, we've got quivers, wild berry bushes, and a heavily reworked ore spawning system. I'm not going to go into too much detail at this point, but the ore spawning bugs that have plagued TFC since time immemorial have been dealt with ala the Y60 bug. Another change along side this that a lot of you will appreciate is that sedimentary layers no longer spawn below the first layer. Additionally, Metamorphic rock cant spawn below the first 2, so only igneous rocks will be found in the bowels of the earth. This is just a few of the things to come.

Lastly, I wanted to make everyone aware that dunk and myself can now be found on twitter @TFC_Dunk and @TFC_Bioxx. Dunk has been on there for considerably longer than me, and many of you may know about his account already. I on the other hand just bothered setting it up, but I'd like to start using it going forward to post screenshots of new features as they get added, so definitely follow us to get all the pretty pictures.

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Website downtime

Dec 12 2013 10:26 PM | Bioxx in Articles

Hey everybody, I wanted to let everyone know that the website will be down on Sunday as our host moves all clients to a new server in NYC. So when the wiki isn't loading, you'll know why :)

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Version 0.77.22 Available

Dec 03 2013 12:10 AM | Kittychanley in Frontpage

Version 0.77.22
  • Changed tuyere slot, liquid vessel and casting UI to only accept one item at a time.
  • Fixed the issue with placement of ingot into the existing pile of other metal kind.
  • Attempted to fix invisible cows.
  • Ingot Piles, Pottery and Food Prep properly break and drop only non-ghost items when the block underneath them is broken.
  • Ingots now act like log piles in that they must be placed on top of solid blocks, or a full ingot pile.
  • Removing an ingot from the middle or bottom of a multi-block pile results in all ingots above it to merge down. If a different type of metal is on top, it will break and drop the ingots.
  • Implementation of solid sides for partial blocks. Torches can be placed on the fully solid sides of chiseled blocks.
  • Added a +-0.01 tolerance to alloy percentages to hopefully help with rounding errors.
  • Ingots can no longer be placed in vessels.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Molten blocks not disappearing after bloomery completes.
  • Added check so bloomery will only accept as much ore as its size can hold, instead of always accepting amount allowed in max size.
  • Fixed shift click logic to prevent duplicating of items.
  • Vanilla Iron blocks should no longer appear in the world due to the river ravine gen.
  • Fixed Fruit Trees regrowing instantly.

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Version 0.77.21 Available

Oct 09 2013 08:26 PM | Kittychanley in Frontpage

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the Blast Furnace not properly heating ore.

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