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0.79.28 Released

Jan 24 2016 07:13 PM | Kittychanley in Articles

A major crash was reported, so 0.79.28 has been released. Please note that there will be no further updates for TFC1 unless another major crash, bug, or exploit is reported.

TFC 0.79.28 Changelog

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed login crash due to the client attempting to render the HUD before the player has finished logging in.
  • Fixed smithing efficiency bonus being applied to all blocks, instead of just blocks the tool is effective on.
  • Fixed sapling time-stamp resetting when growing into a tree fails due to not enough space. Added WAILA message for saplings that do not have enough space to grow that will not disappear until the sapling grows into a tree, as constantly scanning to see if space has been cleared is resource intensive.
  • Fixed rare case of the old double chest crash when trying to place a non-oak chest next to an oak single chest.

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0.79.27 Released

Jan 02 2016 08:45 PM | Kittychanley in Articles

Today is the 4th anniversary of TerraFirmacraft and to celebrate I've released a final update to TFC1. Development for TerraFirmaCraft is officially switching to focus solely on TFC2, meaning that there will be no 0.79.28 update unless a major bug, crash, or exploit is reported.

The TFC1 Suggestion Forum will remain open for users to discuss existing topics, but creation of new topics has been disabled. Please use the TFC2 Suggestion Forum to post new suggestions, making sure to follow the rules and understand that TFC2 is a complete, from-scratch rewrite and will be very different from TFC1. We will continue to read both forums when looking for suggestions during development.

The wiki will also continue to be updated for TFC1. I have removed the outdated banner that displays at the top, but that does not mean that the entire wiki is now up to date. There is still a fair amount of missing or old information, so I encourage everyone who is interested to look into how to contribute to the wiki. Even if you aren't given trusted editor status, anyone with an account is able to edit the talk tab of pages and suggest changes to be made. There is also a discussion forum post for suggesting changes.

TFC 0.79.27 Changelog

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0.79.26 Released

Nov 20 2015 05:39 PM | Kittychanley in Articles

Edit: If you downloaded the mod within the first 5 hours of release, please re-download. There was an issue that has since been fixed that would cause the game to crash if CodeChickenCore and NEI were not installed.

TFC 0.79.26 Changelog
Upgraded to Forge
New Features
  • The prospector's pick now works with all blocks put into the TFCOres.cfg file in addition to TFC ore blocks.
  • Added config option for crops on farmland dropping seeds when they die of natural causes such as old age, freezing temperatures, or not enough sunlight.
  • Added clearchunk debug command used to strip the surface blocks off of a chunk to reveal the raw stone below.
  • Added tree layers to debug info overlay.
  • Added WAILA support to distinguish between the different water plants.
  • Barrels and Large Vessels now have grayed out slots when sealed to make it a bit more obvious that the slots cannot be interacted with until the container is unsealed.
  • Added localization support for "This item has been worked" tooltip.
  • Completely cooled, completely full, unshaped ingots now stack to 32.
  • Blueprint Cleanup
    • Added help tooltips to blueprints.
    • Removed "BR:" prefix from blueprint item names.
    • Added chat error message for attempting to use a blueprint without having a hammer or chisel.
  • Snow can no longer accumulate on top of pottery blocks
  • StripChunkCommand will not remove any blocks found in the TFCOres.cfg file, in addition to TFC ore blocks.
  • Ore that is mined without the proper tool will drop nothing. Hammers can be used to break ore blocks, although it will take the same time as breaking the block by hand, and will only drop the nugget version of the ore. Minerals will drop nothing, as they do not have nugget versions.
  • Kimberlite will now always drop at least a chipped gem when mined with a proper tool, instead of often dropping nothing.
  • Fruit Tree Cleanup
    • Growth is now based on year length. Trunk blocks take 1.5 months to grow (at least 6 months from planting until first branch appears), and additional branches take 1 month to grow. Leaf blocks can grow every 2 days regardless of year length.
    • Growth cannot occur during winter months regardless of temperature, but will catch up for the lost time in the spring.
    • Branches will not grow unless the trunk is at the maximum height of 4 blocks.
    • Newly generated trunk and branch blocks are more likely to also generate with a few leaf blocks.
  • Food and Thirst no longer deplete while debug mode is enabled.
  • WAILA display for smoke rack now uses verbs instead of nouns to make it more clear that the smoking and drying is in progress, and not complete.
  • Firepit input slot has been restricted to only items that it can heat up, as well as firestarters and flint & steel.
  • Ingots, Double Ingots, Sheets and Double Sheets cannot stack if they are heated, or have been worked.
  • Bears are now 10 times as likely to attack a nearby player, and move twice as fast.
  • Tweaked cloudberry and cranberry bush generation.
    • Increased the max bio temp for both by 5 degrees.
    • Generation now works on peat grass blocks in addition to peat blocks.
    • Cloudberry now has higher priority over cranberry for generating on top of a peat deposit.
  • Tweaked code for animals to help increase addon compatibility.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed NPE caused by last blueprint of stack not being properly deleted.
  • Fixed blueprint GUI so under the correct circumstances the title displays "Change Rotation" and there is no blinking cursor in the text box to make it more obvious what the screen is for.
  • Fixed wrought iron knife blades providing their own ceramic mold when melted in a forge.
  • Bugged leather racks will no longer cause block updates when they delete themselves.
  • Fixed torches extinguishing early if there is a desync between the client and the server.
  • Fixed javelins losing their NBT data when thrown.
  • Fixed javelins not applying the smithing bonus for attack damage when thrown.
  • Fixed unknown/incorrect dirt blocks generating underneath pine and sequoia trees that spawned directly on top of clay, clay grass, peat, or peat grass.
  • Fixed time variables not being updated when creating a new world until after world generation was complete.
  • Fixed spawn chunks being covered in snow if the world was created immediately after leaving a world that was in the winter months.
  • Fixed food stack hotkey combining cheeses with different infusions.
  • Fixed food stack hotkey combining food with different smoke profiles.
  • Fixed crafting grid output showing incorrect NBT data for refining grains and making dough.
  • Fixed not getting straw if grain is refined using shift-click.
  • Fixed WAILA header for some ore blocks not using white text.
  • Fixed smoke rack string not always updating and turning black when smoking is complete.
  • Fixed off-by-one error for WAILA smoking timer display.
  • Fixed some big trees not properly generating branches in the leaves.
  • Fixed player inventory/crafting grid not respecting slot and item max stack size when shift-clicking.
  • Fixed vanilla bug where shift-clicking a crafting output that results in a stack of multiple items will consume some of the items if they cannot all fit in the player's inventory.
  • Fixed wooden buckets not posting the FillBucketEvent

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0.79.25 Released

Oct 18 2015 03:14 AM | Kittychanley in Articles

TFC 0.79.25 Changelog
New Features
  • The knapping/clay forming/leather cutting interface now supports click and drag to remove pieces.
  • Added config option to enable finite water (two water source blocks will not create a third).
  • Added chat error messages for when players attempt to use items that are missing necessary NBT data.
  • Smithing bonus now also affects the tool's efficiency in breaking blocks. Tool heads now also display the smithing bonus tooltip.
  • Fence gates can now be opened and closed with redstone signals.
  • Wild crops will always die of old age, regardless of the config setting. This does not affect crops that are planted on farmland.
  • Angry untamed dogs (fed bones, but no collar) who are tied to a fence will now stand up to attack nearby animals, instead of attacking while sitting down.
  • The more familiar a dog or bear is, the less likely it is to attack other animals.
  • Adult animals who have reached their familiarity cap will have a yellow, partially-filled heart, and will no longer show the "Familiarized" check on the WAILA HUD.
  • Altered some block and tile entity updating to help prevent unnecessary loading of neighboring chunks.
    • Farmland will not search in unloaded chunks for fresh water.
    • Blast furnaces will not update when they are partially unloaded.
    • Fruit trees will not grow leaves or branches into unloaded chunks.
    • Mushrooms will not spread to unloaded chunks.
    • Grass will not spread to unloaded chunks.
    • Bloomeries will not update while they are partially unloaded, and will instead complete their processing once they are fully loaded.
    • Chests will not check unloaded chunks for adjacent chests to create double chests.
    • Fire pits will not smoke food on racks in unloaded chunks.
    • Forges will not check unloaded chunks for chimney validation.
    • Pit kilns will not scan for nearby fire in unloaded chunks.
    • Note: Both charcoal pits and sluices will keep adjacent chunks loaded while they are processing.
  • Fixed Red Steel swords and maces dealing 10 less damage points than Blue Steel.
  • Scraping leather will now only damage the knife when used on spots that haven't been scraped yet. Unfortunately this makes dragging across the hide to scrape it a bit more difficult, because lingering on a scraped spot for too long requires letting go of right click and clicking again to scrape the next spot. If you are quick in dragging across, it is possible to do it all with just one held click.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed crash caused by using a sealed empty large vessel/barrel to click on another large vessel/barrel.
  • Fixed barrel seal date showing years before 1000 in SMP if the server time is after 32767000 ticks. (May 6th, 1014 in default year length).
  • Fixed items being workable and weldable in the anvil regardless of temperature.
  • Fixed mod pumps not working with TFC liquids.
  • Fixed CodeChickenCore finite water config option also affecting TFC water.
  • Fixed lava flowing over water generating vanilla stone.
  • Fixed the water boost for crop growth being applied if the fresh water was on the same y-level as the crop itself, and not the farmland below it.
  • Fixed NPE caused by ceramic vessels used to smelt ore that have lost their NBT data.
  • Fixed not being able to disable food decay.
  • Fixed hoppers breaking cobble/gravel/sand/dirt blocks instead of being crushed by them if they are in the process of pressing olives.
  • Hopefully fixed render issue with food and enchanted items in the same inventory.
  • Fixed not getting straw if the tall grass is broken with the final use of a knife.
  • Fixed female adult cows that have not been familiarized that day instantly drinking the bucket of milk the moment you milk them.
  • Fixed attempting to shear a sheep with a knife increasing the familiarity even if the sheep couldn't be sheared. Fixed successfully shearing sheep with a pair of shears not increasing familiarity. Fixed shearing colored sheep with a pair of shears dropping wool that cannot stack with other pieces of wool.
  • Added a new block specifically for extinguished torches to fix burned out torches still providing light. The extinguished torch block does not tick, so it will help very slightly with performance for worlds with a bunch of burned out torches.
    • This change is not an immediate fix, and existing burned out torches will not convert to the new block until they receive an update tick, so there will be many worlds with both the old and new burned out torches existing at the same time.
    • Old extinguished torches that have converted to the new torches may need to be right-clicked with a torch twice before they will actually light. This should only happen the first time, and all following re-lighting should work on the first try.
  • Hopefully fixed double chest crash.

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0.79.24 Released

Sep 14 2015 10:25 PM | Kittychanley in Articles

TFC 0.79.24 Changelog
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed anvil crash when the arrows are lined up but the rules aren't met.
  • Fixed crash with odd support beam placement.
  • Fixed a bunch of obscure crashes that were reported on OpenEye:
    • Ingot Pile NPE, Biome CCE, Fire pit input slot and temperature gauge NPE, Farmland NPE, Log Index OOB, Gravel NPE, Skeleton item drop NPE, Meal NPE, Farmland Highlighter NPE, Keybinding NPE, Oil lamp NPE, Lumber Index OOB, End Portal NPE.
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes related to going to dimensions other than the overworld. However, I still would not recommend travelling to other dimensions, as it is still quite buggy.
  • Fixed death in the end dimension respawning the player back in the end dimension instead of the overworld.

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0.79.23 Released

Sep 11 2015 09:01 PM | Kittychanley in Articles

Edit: There is a known issue in this version that causes the game to crash if the player is smithing and lines up the arrows without matching the rules. 0.79.24 will release in the next day or two and updating will fix the crash and allow the world to load normally. Please exercise caution while smithing, and know the only alternative to waiting for the update if the game has already crashed is to delete the anvil using 3rd party software such as MCEdit.

TFC 0.79.23 Changelog
  • Important: This update breaks compatibility with the majority of TFC addons. Either uninstall all addons, or wait to update TFC until the addons you use are updated to be compatible.
  • Some unused/placeholder items have been removed from the game. When you first load up a world you will get an FML notification saying that some items/blocks have been removed. It is safe to hit "Yes" as the items removed were only possible to get through cheating.
New Features
  • Field of View (FOV) now changes when the player is sprinting/slowed/flying/using a bow/etc. in the same way as vanilla.
  • Lava now lights flammable blocks on fire instead of placing sulfur on them. Note that the range for this is larger than the range of vanilla lava setting blocks on fire.
  • Added in-game GUI for the TFCCrafting and TFCOres config files. Crafting config options now sync from the server to connected clients.
  • Added config option to disable saplings dropping from harvested leaf blocks, making it so the only way to gather saplings is to gather ones spawning in the grass. Sapling drops are still enabled by default.
  • Items in the output slot of the crafting grid now have the NBT data transferred before the item is removed. This means that crafting recipes like making tools with a smithing bonus, dying vessels, and food management will have an item in the output slot that is identical to what the player will get when removing it from the slot.
  • Added easier compatibility using the ore dictionary for other mods to add axes, saws, scythes, hammers and knives that will properly behave in the world. e.g. Any tool that is registered as "itemKnife" can be used to gather straw. Any tool that is registered as "itemAxe" can be used to fell an entire tree.
  • Added config option to enable the old behavior of bowls always breaking, and clay forming giving 4 bowls.
  • Cobblestone created from caving in/exploding raw stone blocks now mines at the same speed as raw stone, and gives 1-3 rock items instead of the cobblestone block.
  • Gold pans must now be used by clicking the top face of the block that is underneath the flower water.
  • The output crafting slot can no longer be shift-clicked if the output item is a piece of food and the player's inventory is full.
  • Year length can no longer be set to a value less than 96. Existing worlds with shorter year lengths will have the value forced to be 96, which may result in some odd behavior. Most of this odd behavior can be fixed by taking note of the current in-game date before updating, and then using debug mode and the buttons on the calendar screen to advance time until it is that date again after updating. Players online while this is done will have their hunger and thirst bars drained, and all of the food in the world will experience at least some decay. Advance time using the largest increments possible first (years, then months, then days) to reduce the amount of food decay that happens.
  • Food that cannot be used as an ingredient (e.g. Raw Chicken) can no longer be placed in the food slots of the food prep interface.
  • Bears no longer attempt to attack players on peaceful difficulty. Bears and wolves will no longer attack other animals on peaceful difficulty.
  • Blast furnace now only accepts iron ore and ISmeltable items registered with a metal type of pig iron.
  • Knapping and clay forming achievements now trigger when the item appears in the output slot, instead of when it is taken out of the slot.
  • Alloy percentage tweaks to fix the ability to make alloys without all the ingredients.
    • Bismuth Bronze is now made with 50-65% Copper instead of 50-70%.
    • Red/Blue Steel is now made with 50-55% Black Steel, instead of 50-60%.
  • Cooked food no longer appears raw when dropped on the ground as an entity.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed clients being able to see debug information even when the server has the config option disabled.
  • Using the /debugmode command on a server will update the client of the player who issued the command to include the extra debug info and buttons. Any players who join while debug is enabled through this command will also see this information.
  • Fixed butchering skill being applied to food dropped by killing zombies.
  • Fixed falling cobblestone not dealing damage when coming in contact with players/mobs. Blocks now properly deal 100 HP of damage per block height fallen.
  • Fixed propick not displaying the smithing bonus tooltip.
  • Fixed tool racks rendering tools backwards when placed on the East/West side of a block.
  • Fixed infused string not being transferred when combining/splitting infused cheese. Fixed the S key combining infused cheese with non-infused cheese.
  • Fixed meat drops not having variations in flavor profiles.
  • Fixed crafting of food adding extra blank/zeroed NBT tags.
  • Fixed year length not reverting back after switching from SMP to SSP.
  • Fixed food dupe exploit.
  • Fixed sandwiches and salads not rendering some ingredients in the tooltip if one of the middle slots was left empty during creation.
  • Fixed barrel interaction for IFluidContainerItems.
  • Major general code cleanup. Hopefully this will give at least minor performance increases for those on struggling systems.
  • Fixed NEI clay dupe exploit.
  • Fixed achievement triggers block other crafting event handlers, such as getting the mold back from unshaped ingots.
  • Fixed small ore clusters using the vein method for generation.
  • Fixed crafting achievements not being triggered when the player shift-clicked the output.
  • Fixed tool upgrading exploit possible with the MFR unifier.
  • Fixed all vanilla plank blocks being converted to TFC oak plank blocks, instead of just vanilla oak plank blocks.
  • Fixed buggy fruit tree saplings that appear normal creating buggy fruit tree logs that crash the game when rendered.
  • Fixed TFCOre configuration options like maximum height not working properly.

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ATTENTION: Addon Developers

Sep 04 2015 03:29 PM | Kittychanley in Articles

0.79.23 will be releasing relatively soon, and it includes changes that have broken almost all addon compatibility. I would suggest that you start working on updating your addon to work with these changes now, so that players won't have to wait for your addon to update before they can update their game to the newest version of TFC. Your updated addon will obviously not work with the current version of TFC though, so it would be a good idea to not include a download link to the updated version until 0.79.23 has actually released.

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0.79.22 Released

Aug 15 2015 06:05 PM | Kittychanley in Articles

TFC 0.79.22 Changelog
New Features
  • Fire pits and forges will light mobs and players on fire if walked over while they are lit.
  • WAILA Support for animals:
    • The word "Baby" appears before the animal's name if it is not an adult.
    • The gender of the animal appears after the name with the ♂ or ♀ symbols.
    • The expected due date for birth appears if the animal is pregnant.
    • The word "Familiarized" is followed by a green check if the animal has been familiarized in the past 24 hours, and a red x if it has not.
    • Numerical familiarity percent indicator. Off by default because there is already the heart icon.
    • For adult female cows, the word "Milk" is followed by a green check or a red x depending on if the cow is ready to be milked.
  • Flowers, reeds, mushrooms and vanilla crops (with the exception of pumpkin & melons) along with any other modded plants/crops that are EnumPlantType.Crop can now be planted on TFC farmland. Plants will behave the same way as they do in vanilla in regards to growth, and the farmland plot will restore nutrients as if it was laying fallow.
  • Added a bunch more achievements.
  • If interacting with a barrel/large vessel does not result in a transfer of liquid, the GUI will open. Example: Clicking on a liquid-filled barrel with a bucket of another liquid will open the interface, instead of doing nothing.
  • Powder kegs can now be lit with a flint and steel, or by there being a fire block nearby.
  • Tweaked unshaped unknown ingot to match the new brown ingot texture.
  • There is now a 50% chance of getting the bowl back when finishing a salad. However, the clay forming recipe will now only give 2 bowls, instead of the previous 4.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed log duplication exploit.
  • Fixed another ClassCastException from Railcraft heat blocks.
  • Fixed trees spawning in incorrect climates. Existing worlds will very likely see a change in what saplings naturally respawn, as well as what trees are found in newly generated areas. There may be some odd world gen borders where the tree type suddenly changes between newly explored and already existing areas.
  • Fixed empty bottles being deleted if there's no space for them in the inventory when drinking alcohol.
  • Fixed NullPointerException crash when trying to break a metal sheet block that doesn't actually exist.
  • Fixed snow accumulation to spread a bit more evenly across multiple heights.
  • Fixed crop growth taking forever with year lengths of 192 or longer.
  • Fixed not being able to switch tabs in barrels and the food prep interface if using a custom mod that alters the player's display name.
  • Fixed almost all death messages just saying "Username died."

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Dunkleosteus retiring as TFC Developer

Aug 05 2015 03:20 PM | dunkleosteus in Articles

I'm retiring as a developer of TFC. It's been great, but it's time for a change. The community and experience has been great and I really enjoyed my time working on the mod.

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79.21 Available

Jul 30 2015 11:02 PM | Bioxx in Articles

Update: If you downloaded this update before midnight EST, please redownload as there was a major client crash when joining SMP which was ninja fixed.

TFC 0.79.21 Changelog

WARNING: The formatting of the general config file has changed. The following information is required to prevent your game from experiencing issues or crashing. The file TFCOptions.cfg will be deleted the first time the game is run using the new version. A new file called TFCConfig.cfg will be replacing TFCOptions.cfg and is formatted slightly differently. It is a fresh file, and will not copy over any custom settings you had. If your server or client was using custom config values, you MUST put the new TFCConfig.cfg file in the config folder and edit it with your custom values BEFORE the game is run for the first time using the new version. If you do not, the game will run using the default options, and you will very likely experience issues or even crash when you try to change the config to your custom values. There will also no longer be any record of your custom values as the old config file will have been deleted. A copy of the new default TFCConfig.cfg file can be found here: http://terrafirmacraft.com/files/TFCConfig.cfg

New Features
  • Added forge version enforcement so the game will not load if the installed forge version is not at least the version TFC was built on.
  • Added WAILA display for timer on log piles while they are part of a lit charcoal pit, although this is only visible if the log pile is exposed with a metal (trap)door or you are quickly looking at it through the flames before the block burns up.
  • Added config option for gold pans and sluices overworking chunks.
  • Added ability for addons to add custom armors.
  • Added custom flower pots to hold TFC plants. Made directly from the clay forming interface, no pit kiln firing necessary. Cannot hold fruit tree saplings, but can hold all other saplings, flowers, and misc plants such as cacti and mushrooms.
    • Clay forming recipe : Posted Image
  • Added tooltip to display durability bonus gained from smithing skill.
  • Added animal time multiplier config option that changes both gestation period times and required days until adulthood.
  • Added API functionality so addons can add custom chisel modes.
  • Added config GUI support for the basic config options. The menu is accessed by clicking on Mods on the title screen, then selecting TerraFirmaCraft (not TFC[coremod]) from the list of mods, and then clicking the Config button.
  • Added vanilla iron doors to the whitelist for valid charcoal pit cover blocks.
  • Gold pans can no longer be filled from blocks that are underneath flowing water.
  • Wooden buckets and ceramic jugs can now be filled from flowing water.
  • Peat blocks now look like an item when in inventories or as an item floating on the ground.
  • Unknown ingots are now stored in piles. Any unknown ingots currently in chests will not be able to be put back in the chest once removed. Changed texture of unknown ingots to a muddy brown.
  • Errors and info displayed in the console are a bit cleaner.
  • Quivers and items that would overburden the player will go into the back slot when picked up from the ground if the slot is empty.
  • Quivers and items that would overburden the player can now be shift-clicked into the back slot.
  • Cleaned up shift-click behavior to be more consistent across containers.
    • Food can now be shift-clicked into and out of the food prep interface. Other items can be shift-clicked into the side storage slots if they will fit.
    • Shift-clicking items into the forge will first try to fill the input/fuel slots, and then place the entire rest of the stack in a single available storage slot.
  • Added pottery placement help tooltip to large vessels.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed log piles not always burning their invalid cover blocks if the charcoal pit was lit far enough away.
  • Fixed Bloomery ClassCastException.
  • Fixed food displaying heat color information used for metals, instead of having a maximum temperature of Very Hot.
  • Fixed a few rare NullPointerExceptions with the anvil, forge, and knapping interface.
  • Fixed crucibles and leather racks being invisible if there are no other solid blocks in the sub-chunk (regular chunk also divided into 16-block sections vertically).
  • Fixed stone walls being replaced by leaves.
  • Fixed desync of chisel mode between server and client.
  • Fixed back slot item being deleted on death when gamerule keepInventory is set to true.
  • Fixed using hotbar numbers to remove an item from the crafting output slot not properly transferring any associated NBT data to the newly created item.
  • Fixed clay and clay grass in areas with metamorphic surface areas not having the correct dirt background.
  • Fixed hunger filling overlay when holding a piece of food not rendering.
  • Fixed world generation getting out of control and creating massive tendrils in deep ocean biomes that could crash the game.

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