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Shift Click Consistency

Suggestions Today, 04:23 AM
I apologize if someone has already made this topic, as it sounded like something that would already have been suggested in my head, but I didn't find anything on it when I looked for it. Let me start by saying that I absolutely love that you can shift click food directly into your crafting grid....
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B79 with Dunk

Videos ( and Live Stream ) Today, 01:58 AM
Finally updated to b79  
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Rain not getting about 1000

Discussion Today, 01:12 AM
I've explored about 8000 blocks in the z direction (from 10k to 2k) and have been going for a while in the z direciton. The rain isn't high enough to spawn jungles so its just making endless acacia forest. Am I looking in the wrong spot? I can't find any jungles.
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Barrel Crash multiplayer server

Support Yesterday, 11:21 PM
Version #: (MultiPlayer):Suggested Name: Barrel crashSuggested Category: Annoying Description: Playing on a public server, server and client are on 79.10.x, barrels have developed a bug in that they crash the game whenever you seal something inside a liquid. This is repeatable,...
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[Vanilla Bug] Animals escaping pens

Support Yesterday, 08:18 PM
Version #:  Build SSP/SMP (Single/MultiPlayer): Single playerSuggested Name: Escaping AnimalsSuggested Category: AnnoyingDescription: My animals keep escaping through the fences they are in and seem to sink into the earth as well. The escaping part...is that part of the wild vs...
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Latest News

Build Released

Oct 28 2014 07:53 PM | Bioxx in Articles

I sat on this release for a few days to make sure that no other big bugs came out. This update should fix a few annoying issues. Head over to the changelog page for details.

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79.9.357 Release

Oct 23 2014 01:09 AM | Bioxx in Articles

This is a mini-update with only a single bugfix. Definitely grab it if you like horses.

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79.9 Released

Oct 22 2014 06:29 PM | Bioxx in Articles

Oh noes! Double digit hotfixes are almost upon us! 79.9 is here with a whole slew of fixes and tweaks. Head over to the changelog page to get the details.

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79.8 is out!

Oct 18 2014 01:04 PM | Bioxx in Articles

Head over to the changelog page and be sure to read all of the changes. Then get your copy while its hot!

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79.7 is out

Oct 13 2014 10:29 PM | Bioxx in Articles

Since some of you still don't follow me on twitter or bother to religiously update the change log page, or keep track of our commits on github, or stay in irc where I update the channel topic whenever I update, you're still posting 79.6 bugs when 79.7 has already been released. Since Kitty is very busy with midterms coming up she asked me to make a post about the recent patch. Head over to the changelog page to see all the fixes. And PLEASE actually READ the change logs! If I had a dime for every time we get asked how to do X when we've already told you how to do X in the change log :/

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Torch Poll

Oct 12 2014 11:05 PM | Kittychanley in Articles

Now that 79 has been released for a little bit, we want your opinions on the new torch extinguishing mechanic. Please cast your votes in the following poll: http://terrafirmacra...944-torch-poll/

I have disabled comments for this article. If you would like to make a comment regarding this topic, please make a post in the linked thread.

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Build 79 is here

Oct 05 2014 10:14 PM | Bioxx in Articles

This is a very long changelog and I'm sure that I've missed a lot.

Please be aware that the wiki is now outdated in many areas and will take some time to reflect all of the new changes.

Full changelog after the jump.

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Hotfix here! Come get your hotfix!

Oct 06 2014 02:54 PM | Bioxx in Articles

Less bug reports than usual. This is a good sign :)

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How to Report Bugs & Crashes

Sep 16 2014 02:43 AM | Kittychanley in Articles

Hey Everybody,

Due to the recent amount of posts that are being made in the incorrect forum and using the wrong format, it's about time an announcement is made to help clarify what exactly you need to do if you come across a bug in TerraFirmaCraft. There's a lot of information here, so click the article to get the full story.

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State of the Mod 9/8/2014

Sep 08 2014 07:59 AM | Bioxx in Articles

This is going to be another long one. See what's new after the jump.

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