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[78.17] Internal Server Becomes Unresponsive

Support Today, 02:15 PM
In some areas of exploring, particularly those with large mountains, the internal server will become unresponsive in single player, although I can still move around, break blocks, etc. I cannot however, damage mobs, pick up items, access inventories, etc. When I try to exit the world, the game fr...
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32X32 Mix + some mods textures.

Resource Packs Today, 02:57 AM
Hi guys! I made ​​this texture pack for myself and one TFC server and it seemed to me that it's good enough to share it with you. There are textures from many different packs , such as John Smith, Conquest, PaintedCraft, Faithful, FalCraft, Docucraft and other pictures that I just found on the it...
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Only one seed?

Support Today, 01:21 AM
Together with TFC i'm using Map writer, a mod that gives me a map and allow me to put some markers on it. When I start a new seed I noticed the markers and the terrain discovered in the other save are in the same map, but very far away. And if I go there, all my stuff still there.   Just ask...
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EazyFirmaCraft 0.78.X assistance with the creation of the...

Addons & Applications Yesterday, 12:03 PM
idea of ​​this project is  - All ore generated in all types of stone  - Ore generated in 1.5 - 2 times more likely but the vein in the 1.3 - 1.4 times less - The ability to create not only the flux of sediment but will turn out 1 flux from one stone  - Added stone picks - To c...
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State of the Mod 8/13/2014

Aug 13 2014 07:34 AM | Bioxx in Articles

So it's been a month since the last state of the mod so I figure its high time for another update. I am going to try and do these each month from now on if I can remember, wish me luck!

In the past month there has been a bit of work done to polish various areas and yet there hasn't been a lot accomplished in others. The basics for the new taste stuff that was mentioned in the previous SotM has been implemented as well as some more Quality of Life stuff for us behind the scenes when it comes to food, but most of the new meal type stuff hasn't even been started.

It mostly comes down to me knowing what I want to do but not being sure how I want to present it. This includes everything from block/item art to gui layouts. As a result, some of the new meals may be delayed out of 79 entirely. It depends on what I can come up with in the near term.

As for 79 in general, it is in a pretty stable state. We've managed to close a lot of 1.7 related bugs that had been nagging at us as well as getting SMP working proper. Right now we are still on 1.7.2 but I expect to move to 1.7.10 before release which should not be a big process in all likelihood.

I know everyone is anxious to get to get their hands on 79, and I'm anxious to get it to you guys so I'll keep trying to push myself to knock out some of these features. Stay with us. We're getting there.

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State of the Mod 7/9/2014

Jul 09 2014 11:02 AM | Bioxx in Articles

Ok, so now that global celebrations for the day of my birth are over with, I've decided its about time for a State of the Mod. This will be a bit lengthy so click the article to get the full story.

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0.78.17 Now Available

May 21 2014 09:09 AM | Bioxx in Articles

Version 0.78.17
  • Altered leaves color changing somewhat to better utilize temperature
  • Can no longer split plank blocks back into plank items by hand, must have a saw.
  • Can now convert thatch back into 4 straw.
Bug Fixes
  • Log piles should now properly be destroyed when empty.
  • Disabled wood construct optimizations due to some derps that were causing incorrect rendering. I'll make another pass at this another time when I feel like messing with it more.
  • Fixed errant display number for satisfaction. I forgot to multiply by 100. Everything was working properly but you were seeing display numbers such as 0.3% instead of 30%
  • Fixed javelin ghost items from placing on tool rack.
  • Fixed short reach on firestarters
  • Fixed Ore sometimes having transparent background.
  • Fixed achievement triggers for bronze and iron age.
  • Added missing checks for ToolRack2.blockID. Fixes buggy acacia racks.
  • Plucking chickens deals 5 damage instead of 25.
  • Chickens should now properly eat, allowing them to regen health.
  • Removed ability to put milk buckets in food prep.
  • Cleaned up some horse breeding slightly and horses should now properly spawn with full health.
  • Female horses should no longer cling to their man after giving birth and will once again give him some space.
  • Fixed bloomery validation again.
  • Fixed forge validation
  • Fixed unsynced ceramic mold breaking. Had to fake returning the mold to the players inventory by dropping an item at the player's feet that is immediately picked up. This results in a pickup sound being played and is unavoidable for now.

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Version 78.16 Available

May 16 2014 04:06 AM | Bioxx in Articles

Version 0.78.16
  • Bloomery now requires at least 1 ore to be lit to prevent dopes from wasting charcoal :)
  • Sleeping should no longer autokill the player. When the players hunger plays catchup after sleeping, it now drains at half speed and the player will not take damage from this. However if the stomach is empty after playing catchup, the player will be subject to the normal damage rules regarding hunger.
  • Mortar Recipes are now shapeless
  • Ore blocks will no longer all sync to the client at worldgen/chunkload. Instead, only ore blocks that are exposed to air or a non-opaque block will attempt to sync. This should cut down on "Memory connection overburdened" console messages and speed up chunkloading.
  • Many blocks are now flammable if they make sense including thatch. You're welcome.
  • Added some "bad nbt" warnings to tooltips for items with bad nbt.
Bug Fixes
  • Bloomery doors should no longer go flying away when broken.
  • Saddles on horses now sync for the client when closing the horse inventory.

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Version 0.78.15 Available

May 13 2014 06:34 AM | Bioxx in Articles

Version 0.78.15
Bug Fixes
  • Stone anvils no longer show plans for copper tools since they couldn't be used to make them anyways.
  • Fixed removing logs from a lit pit kiln.
  • Fixed certain blocks breaking rendering by forcing all blocks to render all sides at all times.
  • Fixed ingot pile dupe bug
  • Fixed chalcolithic achievement not always being attainable.
  • Removed most of the Z-Fighting(Two faces trying to render in the exact same space causing flickering between textures) that would occur with placed planks and corrected the UV maps that they used for rendering.
  • Flint and steel should no longer set blocks on fire if used on a block that can be activated.
  • Wood Constructs now do some operations to render less blocks when possible. If an entire face is formed with identical wood types (8 planks side by side), instead of rendering 8 separate blocks, a single block is rendered instead.

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Migration Complete

May 11 2014 04:00 AM | Kittychanley in Articles

If you're reading this, then congratulations! You can now access the new and improved terrafirmacraft.com

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Website Downtime

May 10 2014 07:46 PM | Kittychanley in Articles

Our host has suspended our website due to the increased traffic. Expect downtime while we work on backing up our stuff and migrating to a new host.

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The Wiki has Moved!

May 11 2014 03:34 AM | Kittychanley in Articles

During our migration of hosts, we have moved the wiki from terrafirmacraft.com/wiki/ to wiki.terrafirmacraft.com

Redirects have been put in place so that your old bookmarks will still work, but it would still be a good idea to update them to the new format.

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Version 0.78.14 Available

May 09 2014 01:59 AM | Kittychanley in Articles

Version 0.78.14
  • Bushes can now refruit multiple times in the same year if they are within the proper seasonally adjusted growth times.
  • Multiuse crops no longer give seeds when right click harvested. They only yield seeds when broken like other crops. No more runaway tomato farms.
  • Firepits should no longer extinguish if they run out of fuel while having a log pile above them. Instead they will grab a log from the above logpile and use it as fuel instead. Should fix a few instances of charcoal pits not functioning. When the firepit decides that the requirements are met for charcoal production it will stop using fuel. This has not changed from before.
  • Maximum panning per chunk reduced from 100 to 50, silver removed from panning to slow the progression straight to bronze and quick-panning (panning gravel beneath flowing water) has been disabled. You'll now need to shovel the gravel out from under the water as you can no longer fill gold pans from blocks beneath water.
  • Finished spindles no longer stack.
Bug Fixes
  • Added missing workable/weldable/danger message to metal sheets and bloom items
  • Added door sounds to bloomery opening/closing
  • Fixed splitting 100% refined bloom. Plans now auto-select based on input if there is only one possible plan and select no plan if there is none available.
  • Fixed the bow removing arrows from the quiver even if it does not fire.
  • Fixed shift clicking ingots out of molds not keeping temp data
  • Fixed horses spawned from eggs only having 15 health
  • Added ASM fix for vanilla leashes so that they properly recognize TFC fences and don't break.
  • Fixed Acacia Support Beams not supporting

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Moving Forward

May 08 2014 06:19 AM | Bioxx in Articles

Hey guys, time for a little TFC sitrep.

First of all, I want to say hello to all of our new fans who've been flooding in recently. We hope you enjoy the mod and stick with us going forward.

Now onto where things stand and where they are going.

MC v1.7
Currently we have a functioning 1.7 branch. This means that we can properly generate worlds but a lot of content is still very broken. However my current thoughts are not very positive when it comes to actually going to 1.7 with Build 79. As I am sure many of you who've tried 1.7 already realize, 1.7 tends to be a performance killer for many folks. Personally I have a very nice gaming rig so actual FPS isn't an issue. What IS an issue however is the terribly slow chunkloading times. If this cannot be solved than I can say that we will certainly not be moving past 1.6.4 for the foreseeable future. I've created a poll and discussion thread to hear what you guys think about this over here.

Build 79
As for actual content in 79, I don't want to get into too many specifics. A few things that we can hope to get into 79 however include:
  • Rewritten barrels that can be used for liquid OR solid storage with a special bonus for food.
  • Expanded Fishing and Trapping
  • Rewritten Sluice <-This was one of the first things that I ever programmed for MC
  • Changing how animals/mobs spawn so that they no longer use the terrible vanilla system.
As is usual these are subject to change and in now way represent the entirety of what we'll be working on in 79.

Build 78
I'm fairly proud to say that Build 78 is one of our most stable builds yet. This is in no small part due to Kittychanley routinely forcing us to actually fix these bugs and even fixing a few herself. Some work has already been completed on a 78.14 patch and I'm hoping that we can say that's the final hotfix. Although we'll continue to hotfix if truly needed.

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