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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.

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  1. Here's a quick video guide to TFC torches. How to make them, re-light them, etc.
  2. Reg's TFC Cookbook (WIP) This guide is designed to assist in finding sandwich recipes that will have perfect tastes and recipes that are near perfect. Please keep in mind that this is a personal project not a professional one, so the quality will not be superb. This guide will be most effective if you have a master cooking skill, this is because with a master cooking skill you will be able to see the accurate relative tastes values displayed on the tool tips for the food. Now we get to how to use this cookbook. This cookbook is made in a Microsoft excel macro and based off of the tastes of your foods and your taste profile the macro will generate a list of recipes which have perfect tastes and close to perfect tastes. [*]Download the cookbook from the link below. You will have to make sure that you have macros enabled. Excel can help you with that. [*]Open the cookbook, and enter your taste profile. [*]If you do not know your taste profile, the cookbook can help you find it, more on this later. [*]Press Ctrl-R to run the macro that will generate the list of good recipes. That's all you have to do. Finding you taste profile If you don't know your taste profile the cook book can help you, but i can describe it here too. All that is necessary is solving a few algebraic equations. Lets take an example meal and solve for Sweet, ex. If the Sweet values for the ingredients that make a meal are, -30,-30,-20,-15 and the meal Sweet is -5. These values are relative to your Sweet profile value which is unknown, we will call it S. Therefor the actual sweet values are S-30, S-30, S-20, S-15 and S-5. because we know the ingredients must add up to the taste of the meal we can write. (S-30)+(S-30)+(S-20)+(S-15)=(S-5) Now by rearranging the equation to have all of the numbers on the right side and all of the S's on the left side, we get. S+S+S+S-S=30+30+20+15-5------->3S=90 Solve for S S=90/3=30 We have now solved for your Sweet value which is 30. Now for the disclaimer TFC is awesome there is so much variation in the tastes of foods, this is the biggest problem for the cookbook though, because the exact tastes of foods depends on your seed and your location in that world, the recipes that the cookbook will generate for you WILL NOT BE EXACT for everyone. You can fix this problem by providing the actual tastes of the foods that you will be using. This can take lots of time that you may not want to commit to getting more accurate results. Legal.. I guess, if any. First off respect Microsoft property, don't steal excel just to use this, that's what bad people do. As for the cookbook macro This is all my own (horribly written) code. Feel free to edit, modify and share this with anyone who wants it, this started off because i was bored and frustrated at finding good meals and I decided why not let the community use it as well. If you do significantly improve the code (which shouldn't be hard to do) let me know, I can put it up here and let everyone benefit from it. Download Please let me know how this works for you. I don't know how varied the tastes are between worlds, so it may not work as well as I want it to.
  3. This is a guide for the new update B79. here is EP1 This is for Alcohol, brine and smoke racks This is an overview for crops and meals hope you enjoy! How to pickle food as well as preserve it.
  4. Here's a quick video I made as a guide to using support beams in b79. Since cave-ins are much more frequent, I thought it would help to show how they work and how to use them to tunnel and mine fewer blocks.
  5. Just thought I'd show off my home I've been making and perfecting over the past 2-3 weeks So! Before you ask 'what's Vaelkyri's guide?', go and check this topic out. I know it is a 'starter home' guide, but it is still neat and I've always wanted to do something like it. As such, it inspired me to do what I have done and I am super happy with what I have accomplished. topic ---> You've looked at that guide yeah? You sure? If not then you won't know what I've done and explained. So I originally started with just a hill, and worked in the basic shape (the long building), put all the dirt on it, and made it pretty. I thought sweet, a home. But wait, storage D: so I made a kinda outcrop bit like Vaelkyri did with the forge, and made that a storage area, adding dirt and making it pretty as well. From there I needed a forge place, did that, yet quite a bit differently from how he did. Still, I like mine better, and it's not so early game, but more late game focused, which is where I'm at atm. I then needed more charcoal, so I made a charcoal pit room place thingy, and it turned out pretty well. I then realized I had to do some blast furnace for steel, so I made the ingot room and blast furnace room basically right underneath the forge area. The last bit of building was a connecting path from the main home to the forge. From there I was basically done all the building, I just put a bunch of saplings all over the grass roof and put my fruit bushes all on it to, with the goosberries making a somewhat vine thing which I really like. Now for the pics! (tried putting them in this topic but there were to many so had to make an imgur album, just remove the few spaces between the imgur. and the rest and yeah, wouldn't let me post the proper album address for some reason) http://imgur. com/a/YvGJa#arCb7Rr So yeah, that's my home! I'd be interested in what you guys have to say about it, and what your current home is to! Post screenshots or give a description Oh, and I'm using the barrels mod, journey map, nei, leather water sac, custom recipies (so I can actually use the barrels mod), small boats mod, and improved first person (which I highly recommend as it adds alot).
  6. Hey guys, I made another walkthrough. This one is geared toward anyone not familiar with the mod and it focusses on how to get and utilize food, water and shelter in the first day or so. It's meant to complement my other two videos on how to get the first metal tools and on TFC weapons/damage. I hope this helps some people!
  7. For people who don't have time to read and would rather listen (I made this for you): Whatup everyone, my name is Nieztro, and I'm a Youtuber from the days of old TFC (we're talking the beta days of 2012). I started making content about the mod in its most early stages, and through my content became goods friends with Dunk, even doing an SMP series with him. Then disaster struck! I suddenly had far less time on my hands, for a multitude of reasons I'd rather not go into, and my YouTube channel suffered for a long time. That being said, I'm attempting a glorious return to my favorite hobby, and the first thing I'm doing again is a TFC series I'm calling "New Beginnings". If you want to check out the series, I humbly invite you to start with Episode 1, here: I also make videos of some other games, including Hearthstone, and occasionally I'll have an urge to play a custom map. If you're interested in my channel as a whole, this link will get you there: Now for some other random backstory I feel like sharing. Back in the days of old TFC, the mod was only covered by a few people on YouTube, and it was a really cool experience to be one of those people. A lot of my current viewers are people who have been deeply invested in the mod from the start, and as a result I'm truly thankful to the TFC community for giving me a chance on YouTube. There's a lot of content out there, good and bad, and to be viewed at all is somewhat of a blessing. Today I see the influence that my videos and even random comments I made to Dunk in passing had on the mod. Seeing that has been incredible and a big hope I have for my new series is that it will have that same influence upon the mod, at least to some degree. And finally, thanks to all the people that have: 1. Read to the bottom of this post It's kind of a wall of text and I'm frankly impressed and flattered that you made it here. 2. Checked out my series or channel because of this post A big problem with YouTube nowadays is being discovered by anyone, and I'll happily welcome you lovely forum browsers to my audience. 3. Contributed to the ongoing creation of the awesomeness that is TFC You people are awesome and intelligent and the hard work you put in has entertained tons of people and will continue to do so as the mod evolves.
  8. I made another walkthrough, this time about how TFC damage and weapons work. It has some tips for beginners on how to get deal with mobs in the early stages.
  9. Here's a test of how the scythe works and how not to lose drops due to disappearing leaf blocks
  10. How to use the prospector's pick to find ore veins. I know this has been done, but I want to make more walkthrough videos and I'm still getting the hang of it. So I thought this would be a simple and easy one, but still helpful for beginners. I hope this turns out helpful:
  11. I made this walktrough video to show all the steps and stuff you need to get your first metal tools to open up the metal age. It's pretty straightforward and focussed on that goal. I don't go go into food/protection/shelter/etc. If people find this helpful, I'll make some more:
  12. So here is where i post videos on how to get through day to day life in T.F.Cwithout the nonsense of having to listen to little kidsspitinginto the microphone or having to watch a let's playseriesabout TFC. Just a simple tothepoint! here it is. Guide to TerraFirmaCraft [T.F.C] First episode [basics to survive. I.e food water so on...] Second episode [ Ceramics and basic metalworking] Third episode [Essential metalworking and alloy making-Forge] Fourth episode [Advance iron-Basic steel. Quern-Blast furnace-Crucible] Fifth episode [black steel-Blue Steel-Red Steel.]
  13. So, yesterday i've started a let's play (or a guide) with TerraFirmaCraft 0.77.22 in spanish because there's not none on youtube for this version and i thought it will be good to post it here for spanish people who search help in the TerraFirmaCraft forums.First video: Regards!
  14. Hey guys, I know I'm recent to the forums and to TFC but I can't seem to find anyone's videos that are extremely helpful to newbies when they play TerraFirmaCraft. I watched the Spotters Guide but I didn't know that rocks were being used to create tools until way later on in the series. So in order to help newbies and answer any questions that they might need (and to also lower the traffic on redundant posts on the forums) I'm doing this new survivors guide. I've really enjoyed this mod and can't think of any reason to help the community out even more. So here we go, going to put up three videos today to start the series off and I'll have the links in the forum post below so if people don't want to browse youtube they can come here and just click the link. Hope you enjoy and here's to a wonderful start! Status updates are the last post in the forum! (Usually) Season 1: Ep. 1 The First Night Ep. 2 The Next Steps Ep. 3 A New Beginning Ep. 4 The Magic of Chisels Ep. 5 Bringing Down the Hammer 1 Ep. 6 Bringing Down the Hammer 2 Ep. 7 Mining Techniques 1 Season 2: Ep. 1 The Dangerous Road Ahead Ep. 2 Maintaining Survival Ep. 3 Making Charcoal Ep. 4 Building the Forge Ep. 5 Working the Forge All videos available on my youtube channel linked here:
  15. Hey there! So after watching some TerraFirmaCraft videos on Youtube, I was very interested in the mod - so I followed instructions found in videos/online for how to install/play the game. Although everything went well, I could only play for 2 mins max before my FPS would shoot down to about 1 frame per 5 seconds, ultimately resulting in me restarting the entire launcher to play for another 2 minutes. After scouring through forum posts, suggestions, and lagg fixes found online, I found nothing - the only thing that people really thought the problem was from was not enough RAM being allocated to TerraFirmaCraft, and they were right. However, their suggestions for allocating more RAM to TFC did not work, so I came up with a revised workaround. I've been playing now for about 3 hours with no hickups at all. Here is the guide: #1. Download TFC Launcher (Currently version 1.5.1 supported): Once downloaded, open the launcher so it can download all of the necessary files. It will place them under %Appdata%\Roaming\tfcraft TFC comes preinstalled with PlayerAPI and Forge, but I recommend downloading the latest versions of each anyways, as I know mine were out-of-date upon download. Just make sure the versions downloaded match the versions of TerraFirmaCraft currently available (1.5.1 at the time of this post). You may want to update your Java too, as TFC will not run correctly if it's not up-to-date. PlayerAPI (1.5.1) download: http://www.minecraft...api-player-api/ Forge (1.5.1): http://www.minecraft...hp?topic=7053.0 Java (64x): #2. Download Optifine (highest version that TerraFirmaCraft supports, currently 1.5.1): http://www.minecraft...-and-much-more/ #3. Once all of these mods have been saved to a location on your computer (Player API, Forge, and Optifine), you need to place them in the proper TFC location. This is under %Appdata%\Roaming\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\jarmods. After all of the files are placed in here (simply drag and drop the 3 mods listed above inside the jarmods folder), just the loadorder.txt file needs to be edited. This file is found under %Appdata%\Roaming\tfcraft\minecraft\bin. Open the file with whatever text-editor software you have. Change the file-names located in this folder to match the file names EXACTLY to what you just placed in the jarmods folder, including the file extensions. For example, my text file reads as: Player API Once you're done, save the file. #4. At this point, a lot of people seem to be able to play the game fine. I however, was not. It was far to laggy, as not enough RAM was allocated to TFC. Here is how to allocate more RAM according to this described download: Create a text file on your desktop, name it whatever you please. I named mine TFcraft.Next, open the text file with whatever text-editor program you currently own. Place the following text inside the file:java -Xms1024m -Xmx2048m -jar TFCLauncher.jar "%APPDATA%\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar;%APPDATA%\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\jinput.jar;%APPDATA%\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\lwjgl.jar;%APPDATA%\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\lwjgl_util.jar" -Djava.library.path="%APPDATA%\tfcraft\minecraft\bin\natives" net.minecraft.client.MinecraftThen, save the file as a batch file. You can do this by using the drop down menu at the bottom of the save window and choosing "batch" as the save preference.#5. That's it! 2 gigs of ram has now been allocated to the TFC Launcher, and for me, this has ran the client perfectly. Simply double-click the batch file you just created to launch the game.You may need to adjust optifine settings accordingly once the game is started for the best performance. It's worth mentioning too that you can allocate more or less gigs of ram if you choose by simply editing the text I provided - just change the values of 1024 (1 gig) and 2048 (2 gig) respectively to whatever amount you wish to allocate. Just remember it is best to use gigabytes as the representation, not gigs. So writing it out, it would be 1024, not 1 gig. ~~~~ I hope this tutorial helped you; I really wish I had it when trying to get TFC to run properly. Enjoy! ~~~~
  16. Hi there all TFC:ers I thought that I should advertise a little about my two guides that I'm working on at the wiki pages. The "No nonsense" is a bareboned guide on how to get started in the world of Terrafirma. It currently covers all parts of the early game into the creation of anvils and the buildings needed to progress past the stone age. As it it the most up to date guide I have also added a few tips about the later game but I will add no more gameplay from the mid-lategame. If another guide is made for mid/lategame I will remove the tips that extend beyond the stone age. The "Construction" is a suplementary guide about the new additions that Bioxx is making to the construction of items and blocks. It currently, build 47f, stands mostly as a collectionpoint for the new plank and ingot recipies. I was feeling like the big "Blocks" thing at the bottom of the main page was getting a bit unwieldly, so for readability I made this 'guide'. Think of it like a resource page untill we have more elements of gameplay added to the construction part of Terrafirma. To find these pages just go to the wiki and look under the "Gameplay" Heading
  17. Hey All, I am running a combination wiki page and video set that will take you through entrance into TFCraft. I attempt to take things slow and explain just a few mechanics as we run into them at a time. The focus is to make the transition from what ends up appearing as a fairly simple and easy minecraft into the more rewarding and complex world of TFCraft as simple as possible. If you are looking for something specific, head to the wiki. it has all the topics covered in each episode along with a link to the part of the video that covers the information. The wiki can be found at: The youtube list can be found at: If you have any topics that have not been covered and want them addressed feel free to post them here. I will try and keep up with the youtube comments but that is not exactly the best format for communication.
  18. Propick, how do you WORK?

    This thing needs it's own wiki page or something, because I have NO idea how this thing works... Ok, that's a lie, I KINDA know how this thing works, but I just don't know how to get the results I want from it. Every time I try using the prospector's pick, I still feel like I'm running around, blind, going through more picks then it's worth. Just now I sectioned off four quadrants to no avail, mind into the middle of the four, finding nothing, and then got the bright idea to look down... Turned out that the ore I was looking for was below me... So I head down a couple of blocks, which changed the stone I was in, and sectioned off four MORE quadrants, FINALLY finding the SMALL amount of ore I was looking for... I spent more then a couple hours looking for 15 lousy pieces of bismuth... So now, I'm going to go into a study of this particular tool to make mining for me EASIER, and not just more of a hassle, (Because, right now? I feel like I'm mining for diamonds in vanila minecraft), and let's face it, I'm sick of being stuck in the stone age... So question time. First, will start off with Propick questions. What is the radius? I heard in a youtube guide that it's, basically, 12 blocks in every direction of the initial block hit. Also, does the propick include the blocks that are behind you? say you're underground, in a shaft that you've sectioned off, and you poke the rock to your left, will the propick pick up the blocks that are also to the right of the shaft? Or does it only hit the block in front of you? How far up or down does the Prospector's Pick check? 4 blocks? 8 blocks? A picture or diagram of what blocks are checked when you poke something would be EXTREMELY helpful here, for us visual learners Also, Why will it say that on one block, there's a medium ore sample, when all the rocks around it say there's either nothing of interest, or a small sample of something else? What does it do to detect these samples, and what causes it to say exactly what it does? Does the Prosepctor's Pick only work on rock? Or can I use it on dirt as well and achieve the same results? Where should I be looking for ores? Should I just find a mountain, poke it once, and if it says "nothing of interest," then move on? What rock layers are great to mine and prospect in in the early game? What about late? Are there any rock layers that one should just say "Nothing good here, moving on..."? Re-watching the spotter's guide, and also video, while typing this, has helped a bit, but let's get into the nitty-gritty of this particular tool, as when used properly, it will save people SO much time... Unless the nitty gritty IS "Poke rock, explore in 4 directions, poke rocks, adjust height, poke rock, explore in new 4 directions..."