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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.

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  1. Physical Smithing

    My idea is, instead of the current anvil GUI, when you are forging basic, single ingot tools (like the pick, axe, or shovel), the heated ingot is pulled from the heat source with tongs, and placed on top of the anvil, rather than into an inventory. The player would then hit the ingot in various places using the hammer to change the shape of the tool, holding down the attack button for different lengths to change the hit strength. This would replace the red and green options in the current GUI. Information that is normally indicated by hovering with your mouse inside the inventory could be manually accessed by right-clicking the anvil (the only information displayed would be the ingot in a single-space inventory slot in the center and then metal type, shape, temperature, etc. displayed around it; alternatively, the information could be displayed on-screen as long as the player is looking at the anvil/ingot to display the same relevant information.
  2. traps and troll update

    Trolling and trap makingis one of things minecrafters want to do 1.explosives ancient chineese use gunpowders and paper to make to explodeenermy's shelter or shoot tons of arrows to oppennents how about add it for blow another player's house(or shelter) and clear tons of zombies it will use 5papers and rightclick to shape it(like knapping and pottery) like rocket head for rocket then add 16 gunpowderto make it useable,for arrow launcher use fire clay to make moldand fil it with any metal (difference durablity) 2.spears trap the first trap human do is spears trap! it use to kill bears wolves mommothes or anthing else addding it wil make a new hunting expirence (also seeing you frined stucks in it) 3.modern-like semi-auto crossbow can use instead riflesand bronze dragon missile can be use instead RPG! use metaldouble ingot for working to get SMC body then use it craft with 2plank and 3string like this blank plank string body blank string blank plank string use metal head bolts from anvil to make arrows insread stone to get crossbow bolts working a dragon missile will use double ingot , then weld with sheet to finish add 32 ginpowders to make it useable (triple power and also double fasterfrom the paper ones)
  3. I was reading about tungstene or wolframium. The wolframium, althought is a modern and chemic-metallurgic metal, sometimes does not requires strange or special extraction methodes for obtain it in some minerals. Some wolframium minerals can be smelted and oxidated with primitive methodes, when is oxidated, is mixed or cocked with coal in very high temperatures and without airto remove the oxygen form the wolframium compound, finally is obtained a fragile wolframium mass or even powder. The first problem of this is that requires very, very, very high temperatures, this mean that needs a new type of furnace. The second problem is that only can be forged form the powder and with highpressure mechanisms and machines, ie, are not hot-forged withclassical technics. Yes, a new type of forge. I suggest add two tungstene minerals: wolframite and schelite Minerals: Schelite and wolframite would be strange minerals, strangers as gold, platinum and silver (scheelite is the most strange). In the first moment, I thought add also native wolframium, that really exists, but isso scarce that was nonsense add it. In case of mining, it is obtained in mafic and ultramafic (basic) igneous rocks, rarely in acid igneous rocks andsedimentary rocks. New furnace: The new furnace must be made with a very high refractory material, for example graphite dopped bricks blocks, this block would be made of graphite dopped bricks, based inany clay and graphite powder. Also is needed a frame furnace machine, it would be made may bein the anvil, using a blast furnace frame and lots of graphite. When you have this, you only must create the structure, that is similar to the iron-specific blast furnace. Material transformations: Schelite would be the easier manageable material. You will put it in the "graphite furnace" (I do not thought a better name), her process is extremely slow, and will give wolframium oxide, that is a green powder (can be used as dye). After, you only have to reprocess the oxide and you will obtain wolframium powder. With the wolframite is harder, the first process will give iron impurities (that should be distillated in the furnace frame block) and lots of metal slag, that is useless. This first process would be 5 times slower than the schelite first process, and also will give wolframium oxide. Another important detail is that it would consume lots and lots of charcoal, more yet than steels manufacturing. New special forge or classical steel forge? About the forge, I am not very convinced about add a new forge, because would bring lotsof complex mechanism. I would prefer made use of the classical steel forge, but give more difficulty to forge wolframium, ie, add more slowness to her forging. Better, we will to discuss this down in the comments. Alloying: Pure tungsten is very strong, a little more hard and harmful than the better steel, but muchless durable. If you process again the wolframium in the "graphite furnace", you will obtain wolframium carbide, that is durable as the better steel (or even more)but stronger and harder. Anyway wolframium is a uncommon metal, is difficult to process and obtain, difficult as platinum or gold, why spend all in a one tool? I also suggest add an alloy of nickel, iron and a little of wolframium: the white steel (yes, I have to improve or change the name, this also must be discussed down, with the forge theme and the name of furnace). White steel is made of black steel (50-70%), steel (15-25%), wolframium powder (10-15%) and platinum (5%). As the others steel, it produces weak white steel, andcan be weld with the black steel and worked in the anvil for obtain the white steel. White steel wouldbe the hardestand strongeststeel, but would have a durability similar to black steel or minor. Thanks for read.
  4. Meteoric iron & materials

    Meteoric iron is a staple of both real and fantastic works as a tool material-intensely frequently swords, but occasionally other items as well. Rare meteoric impacts could be a solid source ofiron-nickel alloy as well as exotic space rock, an excellent material for bragging rights on MP servers and quite pretty in its own right, atop possible use in TFC2's magic system. Vitally, it's also yet another reason to explore; the sight of a shooting star far in the distance should be reason to grab your tools/hop in a boat and chase it. Honestly, what TFC2 needs is a sense of the fantastic to add to the detail it adds to everyday life. Chasing meteor impacts and climbing into craters in search of precious ore sounds like a lot of fun.
  5. Given that galena DOES contain silver-even if it's miniscule amounts-I say we should make it possible to gather silver from it again-quite simply, in a forge. How? Melt off the lead. Lead melts at 621f. Silver melts at 1700+. Melt off the Galena, get 1-5 Silver Flecks. Ore Flecks stack to 100, and melt like larger ore does. I know, I know. But I want something to do with all the goddamn galena I run into.
  6. Hi everyone, I've created my own Google sheet alloy calculator/helper that I wanted to share with you all. It was created for use between my group of friends whom I play Technofirmacraft with on a private server, and thought it could be useful for others. *Quick note I based my design off an older sheet made byvzertaman that he released back inSeptember2014 (forum post) This is why the layout is similar and i used his colours too because they were great identifiers. The calculations and formula's are my own and the idea has been modified to my own liking, I have in no way directly ripped this off as the calculations he did are basic SUM, PRODUCT and DIVIDE This sheet as a lot of linked cells for formula's, and updates with the changes you make What is it? It is aGoogledoc excel sheet made for a small group, but released for everyone to use. The ingot calculator will help you discover how many units of each material you need, based on the ratios of required ore/metal. The ratio’s are defaulted to what I (on a whim) declared ideal, but can be changed on your own sheet by editing the values within the range. The alloy calculator will help you work out how much of each ore piece you need to get to the ratio and amount of units you desire. This page can be altered using the “Game”drop-downbox(default to TFC) which is automatically alter the values per ore for the respective game/mod selected. (currently only “vanilla” TFC and Technofirmacraft) How do I use it? Access the sheet here: 1: Go to file, and select “make a copy.” This will make a copy of the sheet on your ownGoogledrive for you to use, this version is read only so that everyone can take the same versionI'veuploaded, and nothing can be changed. 2: Access the sheet from your ownGoogledrive (wherever it saved to, usually default root folder) Ingot Calculator You can only edit the green boxes on this page 1: Select the kind of metal you want to make, and how many ingots you want 2: Alter the ratio’s to your liking, depending on the resources you have available. I.e. If you want to make Rose Gold, but you want to use more gold than copper, alter the ratio’s on the right for Rose Gold to values within the required ranges (shown above them) and ensure they equal 100% 3: The values below the metal selection will update and tell you the total units created, and the required number of units per metal for the alloy you are creating. Alloy Calculator You can only edit the game drop down window, and the quantities column in this sheet 1: Alter the numbers in the quantities column to choose how much of each material you want to use in your alloy. 2: The calculator will put together all the statistics you need, to show you the total units per metal, total units overall, each metal’s ratio and how many ingots/remaining units left over 3: The “Alloys” grid on the right will give you real time updates to show you when you are within or not within the ranges you need for an alloy. The “In Vessel” rows will go green when your ratio matches the required levels. When all metals are within the required ranges, and they all turn green, the red/pink bar to the left of the alloy will also become green. This indicates to you that your alloy is correct, and this is the product you will receive. 4: The reset button at the top requires you to be signed into Google to use, this runs a basic script to reset all values in the “Quantity” column back to 0 Using these helpers, you can calculate what you need before you do it in game, meaning less wastage of materials, less wasted time and more time on the forge. You can go from looking up the units you need for a certain amount of ingots, to working out what exactly you need to melt to get your result. Version History V1.0 – Basic alloy calculator to show ratio’s on the left, inspired by vzertaman Added visual helper for alloy ratio’s on the right Scripted Reset button to clear quantities quickly Added “How to use” on the sheet for quick overview V1.1 – Added ingot calculator sheet for early steps for new players, on request of a friend whohadn'ttouched metal forming and wanted an extra step of help Added “How to use” on the sheet for quick overview V1.2 (24/01/16)– Added “Mod ore values” sheet, input ore values for TFC and Technofirmacraft Added “Game:” option on alloy calculator Re-functionedalloy calculator so units update with game selected Re-functionedore list so the titles also update values with game selected Bug History: None so far, first major release no bugs known Rights to use: This sheet can be used by anyone, anywhere in any space time dimension You may use this in videos and/or streams You may redistribute this to others All I ask is you don’t take credit for making it, as I haven’t taken credit for the original design Disclaimer: I am by no means in any way trained in using an excel sheet to this degree, this is the largest and most complicated sheet I have made in excel and there may be ways to improve the formulae and functionality, I created this to the best of my ability and it functions well when tested by me and 4 others. If you do have suggestions to improve the sheet, I am more than willing to look into it. The sheet may not be perfect, ore values may change or be incorrect, but during testing no incorrect values were found. I am open to suggestions regarding changes, improvements and any other thoughts you have. Please leave these notes in this thread for me so I can see them, I will respond and update this post as I go, any new versions of the sheet will require you to make a new copy to receive the up to date features.
  7. When I went to access theubie's alloy calculator(, I was unable to access the page. I noticed that quite a few other people weren't able to access the page either. Thus, I decided to make my own alloy calculator. Think it turned out pretty well, took me around Two hours to make. Thought I would share the calculator for others to see! Link to Calculator: Note: In order to be able to edit the values you will need to make a copy of the spreadsheet to your own drive. To do so click on file, then make a copy. Through my testing I haven't found any issues with it, but that doesn't mean you won't. If you find any flaws/issues please post below. ~vz
  8. Brass/Bronze

    I was trying to mix copper and tin to make bronze when I got brass instead. When I checked the wiki the ingredients were the same, how do I get bronze instead?
  9. Metallurgy Pioneers

    I'm not sure I'd necessarily want this in TFC, but the idea does interest me and wanted your thoughts on the matter. Years ago some old dudes found some rocks which were a bit orangey, and if they heated them really hot this stuff oozed out and went hard. Thousands of years later another old dude found that mixing this orangey rock stuff with some other grey stuff made another type of orangey stuff which was a bit better, once they bothered to experiment with various ratios.My point is that we know what copper ore is the first time we see it in game, and we know that 90% copper and 10% tin makes bronze, but how does our character know? It would be curious playing Minecraft and digging up some unnamed ore, casting it into a mold and seeing how long it lasts as a tool. Maybe we'd find another ore , and try 70% of unnamed ore 1 and 30% of unnamed ore 2 just for lolz. It might be really soft or brittle, or it might work well. Similarly to how food combinations and taste is randomised on each word seed, these ores would require testing and experimentation before we work out if they're good or not. Colours and names of ores could be randomised for anonymity.This sounds like a terrifying amount of stuff to code, and it also sounds frustrating for the players who just want to make stuff and get on with their lives, so I'm not saying I want this in TFC, but what do you guys think of it?
  10. Hi guys! Im new on the forums bit i have bben playing TFC for a while now. I have a lot of metals. I made all the alloys and i have 150 copper ingots and about 200 gold ingots. I really dont know what to do with them. I hope someone has a solution for that. :D
  11. Okay, I have two issues. The first is a bug for infinite bismuth. All you have to do is make a forge and plunk down your crucible. If you throw in a copper anvil it melts down as expected but if you throw in a bismuth bronze anvil it doesn't fill the ratios. It just sits in the input slot. If you click off and onto the crucible you can see the word Bismuth for a split second before it disappears. All you have to do is keep putting empty ingot molds into the output slot and it will fill with bismuth. I got 26 ingots before I just broke the crucible to stop it from happening but you can continue to plunk the anvil in and pop it out and keep getting as much bismuth as you'd like. The second issue I'm having is the bloomery no longer functioning. I updated from 77.9 to 77.11 and now my bloomery won't work. I tried to rebuild it, 5 different times, but it won't work period. I don't know what's causing it. The charcoal pile will take the iron ore but the bloomery itself won't light.
  12. Ok, so this thread is somewhat of an in-betweener thread. I want to discuss the future a bit, but mainly I'd really just like to hear about what exactly is coming with b77. So let us go that route. So there are a lot of changes coming. Most of us are very excited, myself included, and I know that it has been said that it would mostly come out all at once, rather than small changes along the way... With that, what exactly can we expect in b77? Here's a short-short-version of what we've heard that is coming, but not specifically if its in b77 or 78+ etc... SKILLS Skills will be minor changes to things that you are doing, like slightly better propicking, or more accurate anvil working, etc. Skills will be the new 'death penalty' in a way, because the idea is you build up these skills, and if you die, they reset to zero. MY PERSONAL OPINION: Excellent. I love this idea, I think it is a more suitable death penalty, and a nice reward for those who are smart in their play and avoid death like it is as bad as it should be. However, with this new penalty, the old one needs to change. More on this later! COMBAT OVERHAUL Combat is getting changed to be more dynamic. Possibly different weapon types, different armor types, different damage types, perhaps status effects with a different type of attack (example, a slash attack could have a chance to inflict a 'bleed' lets say, dealing bonus damage over time; a crushing attack could have a chance to inflict a debilitation effect, slowing movement or weakening damage for a period of time; etc). The final decisions on this overhaul have not been specifically released, as they seem to still be largely in discussion on the forums here. MY PERSONAL OPINION: Again, I think this is good. I would not like to see it get too complicated, but something like having 3-4 different damage types (ie, crushing, slashing, piercing, etc) and certain armors that deal better with different types but have their own weaknesses would be a smart, easily balanced approach. BONUS THOUGHT! Here's my thought that I left hanging a moment ago about the existing death penalty! The existing death penalty is losing your levels. "What, that is minecraft's normal death penalty, what are you talking about!?!" is what you might be thinking as you read this. And you are correct. But in TFC, your levels give bonus health, food, and thirst to your maximums. I think this is a decent idea, but with the combat overhaul and the skills overhaul combined, it is no longer necessary. In fact, with future mod compatibility in mind... I think that TFC should revert health and hunger levels to vanilla levels. The change is purely arbitrary, and it served it purpose with the level-up health boosts, but with combat/skills, it is no longer necessary. Please don't flame over this, think about it for awhile and see if you can understand what I mean, and if not, politely disagree. POTTERY OVERHAUL This change is adding a new tier to the beginning of the game, which is involving clay materials for pottery and fired clay for building homes and such. The new pots/jars will hold objects much like a chest, but with less capacity. MY PERSONAL OPINION: This adds some very interesting new gameplay to Terrafirmacraft. Advanced woodworking is something that minecraft begins with, and terrafirmacraft has always in a way followed that start, but pottery is a realistic (please don't kill me for saying realistic, geeez.) beginning that does indeed come before advanced woodworking. This change is very, very interesting, and I am excited for it, mostly for the flavor it will add to the world. METAL OVERHAUL The metal overhaul is based around moving copper to t0, and moving tin/zinc/bismuth to t-nothing, and have them be useful for alloying only, and making them rarer in the process. There are also changes incoming to alloying (good-bye, metallurgy table, and good riddance!) and changes to smelting (bloomery for iron only) among other things. MY PERSONAL OPINION: There's a very good basis for this, which I find to be interesting. This is the part of the update(s) that will likely require a new world. Ore generation will definitely change, and some of our multiblock structures will also be changing... The biggest thing here for me is changing the ore generation heights. The fact that you find all ores at the same predictable heights is pretty lame, and any experienced TFC prospector will easily find ore whenever they want, because they know where it will be. Give ore generation in the world a plus/minus of like 20-30 y height to make things interesting, please!! CONCLUSION There are a ton of things coming to TFC! In addition to all of this, Bioxx has stated that he would like to move TFC in a direction that is more compatible with other mods. I applaud this, very loudly. I love TFC, it is outstanding, but there are other outstanding mods too, and I'd love to see them have an easier time getting along! Leave some feedback, do some discussion, and hopefully Bioxx/Dunk will pop in and tell us which of these things to expect first and maybe even a guestimated timeframe too! Wishful thinking, and its not important. It'll be done when its done, and I am content with that. Lastly, a big THANK YOU! to Bioxx/Dunk for their continued work on this mod, it's a great one, and I hope it continues to be great as it grows!
  13. I encountered the following issue twice yesterday. I was able to reproduce it at will. Bug Description: When handling liquid metal in the firepit, overflow to a second empty mold does not work if the current target mold is in the righthand output slot. Reproduction Steps: - Smelt ore in the firepit. Two empty ceramic molds are placed in the output slots to receive the metal. - Molten metal is first placed into the left of the two empty molds. - After smelting enough ore, the left mold fills up and any excess overflows into the right mold. Working as intended. - Remove filled mold from the left slot, insert new empty mold into the left slot. - Continue smelting ore. - Molten metal is placed into the right of the two molds, because it already has something in it. - After smelting enough ore, the right mold fills up but any excess does not overflow into the left mold and is instead lost. This is the bug. This might not seem very dire, but it is fairly annoying because you cannot insert half-filled molds into the output slots even if the metal is liquid. This means that as soon as you get overflow into the righthand mold, you need to remove both molds, and because you cannot insert the partially filled righthand mold into the left output slot, you need to cook it so it empties its few drops of metal into a new empty mold you hopefully placed into the lefthand slot before you can proceed. The issue is especially noticable if you try combine many partially filled molds after parallel-smelting in multiple campfires; I lost half an ingot's worth of the very first metal I ever found from combining two three-quarters filled molds in this way.
  14. Metal tool heads do not stack

    I found out that 100% perfectly forged metal tool heads do not stack. This is odd as stone tool heads do stack.
  15. When I pour an unshaped metal into another using the firepit, the extra ammount(if there is any) is lost as I only get an empty mold. Tested with and without and empty mold inthe 2nd output slot. Is this intended or a bug?